en A lot to chew on with ballot questions <p> <strong>Dr. Jason Glass<br /> </strong></p> Amendments have my vote; what about yours? <p> It takes at least two-thirds of the members of both the House of Representatives and Senate to refer proposed constitutional amendments from Colorado&rsquo;s legislature to its people. &nbsp;<br /> In addition to those super majority votes, all of the proposals are subject to a public hearing with testimony from interested members of the public and debate with two votes on the floor of both the House and Senate. With all of those criteria, it&rsquo;s usually a safe bet that amendments referred by the legislature deserve support.<br /> Our Readers Write <p> <strong>Enough is enough</strong><br /> Editor:<br /> Responsible journalism includes diverse viewpoints. That is why I was pleased to read Steve Posner&rsquo;s column this past week. This was a much-needed response to what I believe for many months has been one-sided commentary in the Canyon Courier attacking those with liberal/progressive views.<br /> Instead of ridiculing or demeaning views from the &ldquo;other side,&rdquo; I applaud Posner&rsquo;s call to argue intelligently together. What follows are what I believe people on &ldquo;both&rdquo; sides could agree on:<br /> Why the hatred? <p> As I have noted before, contrary to the false clarions of civility, a casual reading of American history reveals that, with a few national crises exceptions, our politics have always been rancorous, have always been polarizing, have always been personal.<br /> Of cynicism and hope <p> <strong>Steve Posner<br /> </strong></p> Our Readers Write <p> <strong>Providing accurate information</strong><br /> Editor:<br /> Literature for a state senate race arrived this week and contains some misleading information. Since there are many new residents in Jeffco, some historical facts need to be shared.<br /> The welfare generation <p> Stoked by the national media, the incessant drumbeat of impeach, impeach, impeach has drowned out other topics, most of which are more cogent to the lives of the average American. &nbsp;<br /> Argue, don’t shoot <p> <strong>Steve Posner<br /> </strong></p>