Today's Opinions

  • Glass: Processing standardized testing

    Dr. Jason Glass

    This month, students in our community, across our state and across the nation will begin the annual rite of passage that is taking standardized assessments. As a public institution, Jeffco Public Schools is required to administer these assessments under both state and federal law.

  • Romberg: Weighing the death penalty

    One of the things that people who criticize politicians love to focus on is when their positions change, and politicians can be accused of “flip-flopping.” While consistency is generally a fair thing to analyze and evaluate, a change in positions after learning more or bringing additional information into the thought process shouldn’t necessarily be considered a bad thing.

  • Our Readers Write

    Crisis at the border

    I agree with (President Donald) Trump, there is a crisis at the border: inflicting fear and cruelty on children, separating them from their parents and locking them in cages. Experiencing prolonged despair, youngsters develop deep emotional scars. With little understanding of their circumstances, children blame themselves, feel rejected, and wonder “Wasn’t I important enough?”

  • Community voice: Hope record justifies your faith in me

    Duke Dozier

    I am grateful to have had the opportunity to represent the interests of IREA members as IREA District 2 Director.

  • Community voice: The voice for renewable energy

    Steve Roescher

    Why am I running to be your representative on the IREA board? This is a question I have been asked many times during my outreach efforts.

    District 2 is a sprawling area that runs from the mountain towns of Bailey, Conifer and Pine to the southern outskirts of Castle Rock. While the area is geographically diverse, a common theme I heard was that our members didn’t realize they had a voice on the IREA board.

  • Our Readers Write

    Crisis exists on the southern border


    I’ve heard it said that no crisis exists on our southern border. I know of two examples that support the claim that drugs are crossing the border, and that unsavory characters are too.

  • Rohrer: Take me out to the ball game

    Loyal Colorado Rockies fans watch as some of our best players leave to become New York Yankees. It’s obvious that the Yankees will just keep spending until they will once again hoist the World Series trophy.

    The top five payrolls in Major League Baseball are Boston at $203 million, Chicago Cubs $202 million, New York Yankees $189 million, L.A. Dodgers $167 million and L.A. Angels $166 million. The league average is $117 million with the Rockies coming in at $112 million.

  • Our Readers Write

    Electoral votes are important


    I would like to register my complete disagreement with Ms. Heck Doyle and her column on SB 42, which endeavors to award Colorado’s presidential electoral votes to the winner of the nationwide popular vote.