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  • An assault on citizens’ safety

    In the somber wake of last week’s mass shooting at an Aurora movie theater, Coloradans are looking for answers.

  • Our Readers Write

    Library offers display space to variety of groups, points of view
    On behalf of the Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees, I want to respond to Mr. Bagenski’s letter in the July 11 Canyon Courier.

  • Public should be able to trust trustees

    If you can’t trust a public trustee with the public’s trust, whom can you trust?

  • Our Readers Write

    Gay Pride display at library was not appropriate
    Recently, I noticed that a large portion of the main display case at the Evergreen Public Library was devoted to advertising and supporting the Gay Pride event held in Denver in mid-June. Prominent signs in favor of “gay sons” and “dyke daughters” were displayed, along with dates for the Gay Pride events downtown.

  • Enough Americans still believe in America

    Seems like there’s plenty to lose sleep over these days. We’re into the fourth year of the worst recession since the Great Depression. In Afghanistan, we’re a decade into an “operation” nobody seems to understand. Long-term fiscal obligations mount apace, pushing dangerously against the limits of mathematical sustainability.

  • Politics, and poor judgment, on parade

    I’ve walked in the Evergreen Rodeo Parade on many occasions, and it’s always a highlight of my summer. My job often involves attempting to keep sweet rewards out of the hands of politicians — so a morning spent depositing candy into the hands of cute kids provides a welcome break.

  • Our Readers Write

    We cannot eat money
    Do Republicans breathe air?

  • From crises come opportunities

    All indications continue to suggest that Colorado is emerging from the recession ahead of the rest of the country. In just one day last week, the state’s economists reported that revenue estimates were almost a quarter of a billion dollars ahead of earlier projections; it was revealed that our share of national tourism spending had gone up for the first time in 20 years; and the value of oil produced in Colorado charged past natural gas revenues.