Today's Opinions

  • The importance of being pleasant

    I was recently at an awards ceremony where a local business executive was honored. In describing his philosophy about hiring employees, he noted that his first test is always to find pleasant people. That rang true with me, but I’d never heard anyone say it before.
    It made me wonder: Is pleasantness the most underrated human trait?

  • For women, a drive for justice

    Did your heart stir at the recent news of the bravery of Saudi women as they dared to drive? Here’s a new word, “mihrim,” one they know all too well because this male guardian is needed to walk them to the store, give them permission to travel out of the country, or accompany them to the hospital to give birth.
    Saudi religious police are gaining powers over women, humiliating them in public, even as women are beginning to be seen demonstrating all over the Middle East.

  • Our Readers Write

    EAA’s new downtown gallery emblematic of Evergreen’s potential
    That valiant ex-Green Beret Paul Koentges just staged a stunning victory in downtown Evergreen. Koentges, now in his second run as president of the Evergreen Artists Association, has established the EAAs first “home” since its founding a half-century back with a highly visible member-owned gallery on Main Street.

  • Indirect results of direct governing

  • Our Readers Write

    Commission decision on well-test waiver was the correct and fair one
    Re: “Commissioners’ decision at odds with recommendations from planning staff.” This is perhaps the one factual statement in the article. I am guilty of having presented the data in the case in which, thank goodness for Commissioner Rosier, who is an engineer and understands science and logic, was able to rule correctly.

  • Budget cuts can’t be gleaned from green

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden employs 2,300 and generates many more spinoff jobs as it operates within its budget of $350 million. NREL’s Research Support Facility has won numerous awards as it influences the way energy is consumed. From concept to completion, it is changing commercial building design nationwide. Solar panels, windmill blades, contracts and, uh-oh, progress are all part of NREL.

  • It’s past time for a true leader

    Every now and then, New York Times columnist David Brooks hits the nail right on the head, as he did last week. Writing about the upcoming presidential election, he noted that “the two parties contesting this election are unusually pathetic. Their programs are unusually unimaginative. Their policies are unusually incommensurate to the problem at hand.”
    Why? Because in Brooks’ words, “this election is about how to avert national decline.”

  • Our Readers Write

    10th Mountain event was inspiring
    Facing the uncertainty of how a new event might go over in Evergreen, Western Business Forum president Russ Campbell organized an event at the Evergreen Lake House on Wednesday, June 8. The evening event was a presentation of 10th Mountain Division history and involvement, and presenters included three generations of 10th Mountain Division trained men.