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  • Our Readers Write

    Leonard’s Facebook post was reprehensible
    I’m writing to respond to State Rep. Tim Leonard’s Facebook posting about the women’s marches that were held in January 2017 and 2018, and the Canyon Courier article discussing it.
    As a child of two survivors of the Holocaust, I feel especially entitled to weigh in on this topic. I can’t begin to express the hurt and disgust that this posting brought to me.

  • Time to even the playing field again

    Joe Webb

  • FODR initiative is missing the mark

    It was quite a week for Independence Institute president Jon Caldara and his “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative.  First, Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers signed a petition to help get it onto the ballot. Then, Caldara announced plans to sue the Greeley Stampede for stopping the collection of petition signatures at the event. Because the Stampede takes place on publicly owned land, Caldara believes it’s unconstitutional to restrict access to potential signatories on public land.

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks for new sign
    We, the Lancaster family, sincerely thank the commissioners of Clear Creek  
    County, Todd of Zuni Signs, Einar Jensen and all others who helped replace and restore the Scott Lancaster Memorial Bike Path Bridge sign. The sign was severely damaged in a wind storm more than a year ago and needed to be rebuilt.  
    The new sign, by Zuni Signs of Evergreen, is a beautiful copy of the original. We are thrilled with it, and we know Scott would be so pleased and honored. Thank you so much!

  • Change requires action

    In my last article, I promised suggested solutions to the dysfunctional Congress, and specifically U. S. House members focused more on re-election than on solving problems.

  • Our Readers Write

    Caution to residents about ‘hate’
    My wife was recently involved in a fender bender in Evergreen and had an unusual experience I’d like to share. While exchanging insurance information with the other driver, a couple approached her and began an unprovoked verbal tirade against her for being at fault, which my wife did not deny.

  • The smokescreen called civility

    “I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!”

    Familiar refrain for all you Popeye fans out there.  
    But increasingly, this is exactly the sentiment of Americans whose view of our country and its direction are in direct conflict with that of the Progressives. Despite editorials and political columns decrying the lack of civility in today’s political discourse, the knee-jerk reaction consistently has the Conservative position being the source of this conflict.

  • Non-stop race to November is upon us

    And then there were two. We’ve now narrowed the field from almost 30 people who filed paperwork with the secretary of state to run for governor as major party candidates to eight who qualified for primary ballots of the two major parties to the final nominees.  Colorado’s next governor will be either Democrat Jared Polis or Republican Walker Stapleton.