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  • Energy independence: Just do it

    By Jim Rohrer

  • Our Readers Write

    A thank-you to EPRD from Indian Hills
    I would like to shout out a loud THANK-YOU to the fine people running the park and rec department. You not only poured your Heart (pun intended) and sole (boots on the ground from EPRD) into our beautiful new Arrowhead Park here in Indian Hills, but you throw us a bone at our community center and keep it mowed and trimmed to perfection. You have no idea how much you are appreciated!

  • Pondering the ecstasy, agony of the feet

    There was a time in Evergreen in the early ‘70s when you got your Birkenstocks from Pat Pendleton and Ted Lothammer out of the back of a Chinook camper. They also offered human-potential workshops at their Evergreen Retreat Center up above the Lake. The couple’s work eventually morphed into People House, Facilitator Training and so much more. Ted’s legacy has been documented in a new book, “Patron Saint of Rascals,” by Cheryl Williams Card.

  • Higher ed needs the public’s support

  • Lamenting the politics of the power play

    In the waning hours of the legislative session earlier this month, leadership in the Colorado House of Representatives used procedural delaying tactics to kill a civil-unions bill that otherwise had the votes to pass. In a special session less than a week later, the same bill was assigned to a different committee, resulting in it being killed a second time — again, when it had the votes to pass the whole House.

  • Grads will leave empty place behind

    “As soon as you walk out of our door … everything’s going to change, and it won’t change back. Not to the way it is now. I am so happy for you … and I am so proud. … Sometimes I want my sweet little (child) back. I’m going to miss you a lot.”
    — from the TV show “Glee”

  • Civil discourse: a horse is a horse

    As work in the state House of Representatives ground to a halt on the second to last night of the legislative session last week to ensure that no vote would be taken on legislation to create civil unions, I found myself reflecting on the role my hometown of Steamboat Springs played in the debate on same-sex unions way back in 1975.

  • Our Readers Write

    Up-to-date, modern theaters would be a boon for Evergreen
    I remember when, as a child, my parents would take me and my brother to Bergen Park to see movies at the local theater. When I learned it was closing, that came as no shock to me; however, the reasons behind the closure bother me.