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  • Riddell: Tough questions need honest answers

    The outpouring of emotion by American citizens over the murders in Pittsburgh has required all of us to, once again, ask ourselves some very important questions. Maybe this time we will listen to the answers.  

  • Correction

    The Canyon Courier would like to correct an error we inadvertently made in a Community Voices column by Peter Lindquist in the Oct. 31 paper.
    The column discussed reasons for the Evergreen Park & Recreation District’s 6C and 6D bond and mill levy requests that are on the Nov. 6 ballot.

  • Community voice: A look at Evergreen's Rec District 6C, 6D

    The Peter Lindquist Family

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks to the Evergreen Garden Club
    I just wanted to give a big shout-out to the Evergreen Garden Club, whose members do such a spectacular job at maintaining the lovely flowerbeds located at various locations around town, including the post office, the Bergen Park fire station, the roundabout in Bergen Park, by the dam spillway, and any I may have overlooked.  

  • Romberg: This election is important

    As we approach the end of another disgusting election season where candidates of both major parties and the people who support them have sullied the electoral process with negative ads that misrepresent or misstate the records of opposing candidates, we can now see the end of the road.

  • Webb: Thanks to all candidates for running

    Joe Webb

    The political cycle never seems to end for the ordinary voter. While the 2018 cycle will close on Nov. 6, the 2019-20 cycle will immediately begin on Nov. 7.  
    Speculation about Democratic challengers to President Trump will begin in earnest while Sen. Gardner’s reelection prospects will be analyzed. Here are a few observations about the end of the 2018 cycle that will hopefully start Jefferson County out better for the next cycle.

  • Community voice: Proposition 110 will help Clear Creek County

    Commissioners Tim Mauck, Sean Wood and Randy Wheelock

  • Our Readers Write

    Amendment 73 provides funding for education
    I will be voting on Amendment 73. I am a senior at Conifer High School and my younger brother is a junior. An education fund would not benefit either one of us, so I see no personal benefit, but  coming from a family with generous parents, I must consider the worst conditions for kids in Colorado.