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    Letter writer should check his facts

    It was with dismay that I read the letter from Timothy J. Leonard in the May 15, 2019, Canyon Courier citing the “resurfacing” of the old diseases of smallpox and polio at our border cities. 

  • Rohrer: Change the rules for fairness not politics

    Most of us who watched the Kentucky Derby probably were sad to see the winner was determined by a technicality. It seems that the world of sports is stuck with lots of instant, or not so instant, replays.

    Following the rules often takes a super slow-mo replay viewed from every possible angle.

  • Romberg: A spirited legislative session

    The Colorado General Assembly adjourned May 3 after a session that was controversial and combative and that resulted in both successes and disappointments for Democrats who used their newfound control of both the House and Senate to pursue an aggressive agenda.

  • Our Readers Write

    History should teach us to be better

    In response to Roberta Sutton’s lament last week about “what is happening to our culture,” I can offer some clarity. The statue of Kate Smith in Philadelphia was not removed because somebody thought her rendition of “God Bless America” was offensive.

  • Our Readers Write

    We cannot change our history


    Every time I hear a recording of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” on the radio, I have to stop and listen. It is so moving. Her contralto voice and the beautiful emotion and love for her country shine through and bring tears to my eyes.

    The roaring applause for her both before and after she sang at the Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game in 1973 also made my heart soar though I only saw it on film. The people who were at that game were truly lucky.

  • Rohrer: Community building builds America

    We won the second World War as all Americans pitched in. Those who couldn’t serve in the military built tanks and airplanes, bought war bonds and gladly gave up comfort items whose raw materials were needed for the war effort. Our unity propelled a Herculean effort that won the war.

    President Kennedy brought us together, asking us to sign up for the moon mission. He asked for funding that tripled the space budget and put aside other goals. He told us it would be hard. We united behind his challenge, and we met it.

  • Hicks: He's our Messenger

    Tony Messenger recollected stories from yesteryear as if they had happened in the here and now. As he did so, I was hanging on his every word, fascinated to learn of his past.

  • Romberg: Immunization debate rages on

    Before I met her, the mother of the woman I dated in my last year of college was in a horrific car accident. She was thrown from the car and would’ve been killed if she had been wearing a seat belt and remained in the vehicle, which was totally destroyed. As a result, and counter to all research to the contrary, she and her whole family swore never to wear seat belts.