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  • Explaining votes on gun safety bills

    By state Sen. Jeanne Nicholson

  • Our Readers Write

    Volunteers want a fire board that will support their sacrifices
    What do the volunteer firefighters want?
    I have personally been asked this question by countless Evergreen citizens who know my involvement against the recall. For those that know me personally, you know I am passionate about safety and training.
    Our volunteers spend more than 10,000 hours per year training. This training building will provide:

  • Why EFPD recall election is necessary

    By Daniel Koller
    In last week’s column I explained how we got here. The current board members of the Evergreen Fire Protection District failed to recognize the extent and consequences of the disagreement with the community over the planned burn building at Station 2. Their approach of following protocol but pressing through with the project left the community with only two choices: surrender to the power of the special district or recall the elected officials who made the irresponsible decisions.

  • Recall shows need for informed public

    Your ballot for the Evergreen Fire Protection District recall election should have arrived in the mail by this time. I am voting to retain all four current members of the board. I encourage you to do the same.

  • Our Readers Write

    ‘No-recall’ fliers misrepresent intentions of the recall candidates
    By the time the community reads this, mail-in ballots for the fire board recall election should have arrived and, if not, in the next day or two.

  • EFPD recall would endanger Evergreen
  • How did we get here? Reasons for recall

    By the time you read this, you’ll probably have received your mail-in ballot for the EFPD board recall election. You have heard and read a lot about each side’s positions and arguments. So let’s focus on a different question: How did we get here?

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks for help with fund-raiser
    The ladies of the Colorado Foothills Chapter of the National Charity League sincerely thank Diane and Alan Florschuetz, owners of the Muddy Buck, for hosting our first Evergreen’s Got Talent, which raised money for Operation Homefront.
    Thanks also to Mike Ulery, owner of Quality Pest Control, who volunteered his time as sound technician for a very busy and fun evening. The night was a great success, thanks to everyone who donated their time, talent and hard-earned money to support this important cause.
    Colorado Foothills Chapter,