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  • In NYC, politics takes turn for the bizarre

    During the 1983 session of the Colorado General Assembly, state Rep. Arie Taylor of Denver introduced legislation to prohibit a person from holding more than one elected office at the same time. She was unhappy that Bob Crider was simultaneously serving on both the Denver City Council and the Denver Board of Education. The bill easily passed its first committee vote and appeared headed for passage in the House of Representatives when a freshman legislator from northwest Colorado, Dave Wattenberg, got up to speak.

  • Learn how to thwart cyber crime

    If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past 40 years of fighting crime, it’s that you need to be smarter than the crooks. Lately they’ve found a new place to prowl — online.

  • Parking recreational vehicles — know the rules

    Curbside parking of recreational vehicles and trailers has posed a problem for some Jefferson County neighborhoods in the last several months. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for enforcing the parking ordinance. The ordinance does not prohibit the parking of recreational vehicles and trailers outright. It simply limits the amount of time such vehicles may be legally parked on the street to 28 days in a year’s time.

  • Looking at 2014 congressional races

    What a difference a congressional election cycle can make! Two years ago, before the congressional district boundaries had even been finalized, Democratic candidates were off and running in the 2012 elections for three of the four congressional seats Republicans held in Colorado. Only Doug Lamborn, from the reliably Republican 5th Congressional District that is dominated by Colorado Springs, didn’t have an announced challenger.

  • Our Readers Write

    Recent wildfires show need to step up mitigation efforts

  • Once again, Abe Lincoln nails it

    Oh, to be transported back to a more innocent time, just a few weeks ago, when the greatest problem with the exercise of federal power seemed (merely) to be the Internal Revenue Service’s selective targeting of a handful of political organizations. Compared to what we’ve learned since, the IRS scandal seems a passing trifle.

  • Our Readers Write

    No peach-sale fund-raiser this year
    To the mountain community:
    Thank you for your continued support of the Rotary Club of Conifer’s peach-sale fund-raiser since 1999.
    We are sorry to announce that due to two cycles of freezing and flooding, Palisade peaches are not available this year. Because we use only the best peaches grown in Colorado for our fund-raiser, we are unable to purchase the peaches necessary for this year’s sale.

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks for help with town hall meeting
    The Evergreen Pathfinders wish to thank all of the financial supporters, speakers and guests who made the first Evergreen town hall meeting a huge success. Thank you to those who set up chairs, baked cookies, provided the sound and video equipment, and cleaned up afterward.