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    Stay informed


    If you are an American and at all concerned about the future of America, you need to get on a mailing list (all sides of the political picture), and be familiar and understand what our legislators are doing. Pay attention. You might be surprised, even frightened, about what gets put into law without your knowledge. Be an informed voter.

    Suzanne deDisse

    Vote for politicians who vote to end climate change


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    Population and climate change

    Homo sapiens is a large animal, not as massive as the blue whale for sure but big enough to be categorized large. At no time in all of geologic history has an animal as large as man (and woman) existed simultaneously in such enormous numbers (7.7 billion today and projected 10 billion by the year 2055).

  • Webb: Laws need to be worth more than paper

    Laws are a little hollow and empty if no one agrees to enforce them. According to a count I saw on social media, 26 counties throughout the state have publicly declared themselves to either be Second Amendment sanctuaries or they have sheriffs who’ve stated publicly that they will not enforce the red flag bill if it is signed into law.

  • Rockwell: Pay attention to wildfire mitigation

    We all feel blessed to live in this remarkable community. The blue skies, the miles of beautiful trails, excellent schools, great neighbors and local businesses providing almost all our needs. The people of Paradise, Calif., felt the same way, but they lost it all last year — homes, schools, stores and life itself — to wildfire.

    I was surprised to learn that Paradise had been rated the No. 1 insurance-loss risk in the country. That distinction now belongs to the Evergreen/Conifer area. If that doesn’t keep you up at night, what will?

  • OTM: Sabotaging your weight loss efforts

    The time has changed and there was a winter storm last week. A sure sign of spring! With thoughts of spring, come thoughts of outdoor activities and our 2019 goals. If you are working on losing weight but haven’t been successful, perhaps you are unwittingly sabotaging your efforts. Below are the top reasons why people do so. Can you identify with any of them?

  • Glass: Processing standardized testing

    Dr. Jason Glass

    This month, students in our community, across our state and across the nation will begin the annual rite of passage that is taking standardized assessments. As a public institution, Jeffco Public Schools is required to administer these assessments under both state and federal law.

  • Romberg: Weighing the death penalty

    One of the things that people who criticize politicians love to focus on is when their positions change, and politicians can be accused of “flip-flopping.” While consistency is generally a fair thing to analyze and evaluate, a change in positions after learning more or bringing additional information into the thought process shouldn’t necessarily be considered a bad thing.

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    Crisis at the border

    I agree with (President Donald) Trump, there is a crisis at the border: inflicting fear and cruelty on children, separating them from their parents and locking them in cages. Experiencing prolonged despair, youngsters develop deep emotional scars. With little understanding of their circumstances, children blame themselves, feel rejected, and wonder “Wasn’t I important enough?”