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  • DACA program deserves a just answer
  • What’s the meaning of the state test results?

    Dr. Brenda Krage, Platte Canyon School District Superintendent

  • Compassion shines through in Houston’s despair

    Houston has been a story of paralysis: the paralysis of an entire American city. That is what we’ve seen on TV.
    Harder to see is the more intimate story, really the more important story. It’s the same story I reported a dozen years ago almost to the day, and day after day, from Hurricane Katrina. It’s the story of uncounted thousands of Americans who are now refugees. The story of citizens who worked at their jobs and sheltered their kids and paid their bills and never expected to be homeless, yet now they are.

  • Neighbors helping neighbors
  • Our Readers Write

    Weeds pulled at Evergreen Lake
    I hope that visitors to Evergreen Lake notice that the noxious weed population around the lake has been slashed. Thanks to the leadership of Heart Cameron, Brad Bednar and other EPRD employees, a sizable cadre of volunteers spent last Thursday and Friday pulling and bagging weeds. It was hot but satisfying work.
    Controlling noxious weeds enhances the beauty of the lake and improves habitat for our native plants and wildlife.
    Thank you, EPRD and all of the hard-working volunteers.

  • Globalization versus America first and foremost
  • Speaking out against hate, intolerance

    In response to the Charlottesville tragedy, a friend of mine who recently attended a Colorado Rockies game the same night we did lamented the fact that we can come together in support of sports teams, but continue to be so split when it comes to the future of our country. He also wondered why after over 150 years since the end of the Civil War that statues of Confederate figures have become so controversial now.

  • Our Readers Write

    Trump’s decision detrimental to the United States
    This is in response to Mr. Akin’s letter from Aug. 16. I could not disagree with you more, sir.
    All the things that Greg Dobbs referred to are true, and the only person who should be apologizing for them is President Trump, who has himself by his actions and words demeaned the office of the president more than anyone thought possible.