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  • Hicks: Sorry kids but summertime is over

    Thursday started probably like most other school days. Parents woke up at the crack of dawn, if not earlier, to get things in order and children followed suit — I’m sure some a bit grumpy, others happy as could be that another school year was upon us.

    Wait, what? It’s time for school already. But it’s only Aug. 15. How could this be?

    Wait, you’re telling me some kids have already been in school for at least a day, some even longer in other parts of the state or country. How can this be? It is still summertime.

  • Our Readers Write

    To Evergreen in appreciation


    Several months ago, I closed Lee’s Barber Shop in retirement. It had been an eventful time, and we are happy with retirement.

    We wanted to write a letter to thank our friends and acquaintances in Evergreen for giving us so much support, kindness and friendship. We especially miss our friends and just plain all of Evergreen. We were so lucky to be able to have a business and raise our family in Evergreen.

  • Glass: Back to school

    August means back-to-school for students in Jeffco. Teachers, principals and staff have been hard at work for weeks getting ready for this coming school year, and students report back Aug. 14.

    Thanks to Jeffco voters, who passed construction bond question 5B in 2018, there are also some exciting changes coming to Jeffco schools this school year. Construction crews have been busy across our community this summer, hard at work on the first wave of projects and improvements.

  • Rohrer: It’s not the economy, stupid

    People are feeling better about the economy, and there is an incumbent president in the race for 2020. It’s just our nature to feel good about a president when the economy is good, but is that a fact-based approach?

    While presidents often receive the blame or credit, economists believe that the availability of capital and labor and technological advancement drive our economy. The two most important measures of our economic state are the number of jobs being created and the resulting unemployment rate. What is the true economic story of our country?

  • Rohrer: Perspective

    There are a lot of things to be upset about today. There were two shootings within a few hours, one in El Paso, Texas, and the other some 20 miles from my hometown in Dayton, Ohio. Thirty-one innocent Americans were killed and 50 more were wounded.

  • Rockwell: The debate over the NPV bill

    I was approached three times this summer to sign a petition calling for a repeal of the National Popular Vote bill passed by the legislature this spring. Perhaps someone has asked you, “Do you want to give away your vote to California?” What’s this all about?

    The National Popular Vote bill creates an interstate compact that would result in our future presidents being those who receive the most votes — just like every other election in this country.

  • Webb: Language matters

    As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, words mean things. This is especially true when a popular catchphrase is uttered without thinking about the meaning of the words that has been spoken. One of those phrases that seems to be popular in that regard is “our children.”

  • Our Readers Write

    The ineffectiveness of extremism


    Kathleen Hames relentlessly continues to share her fear-driven agenda of right-wing hysteria in her July 24 letter to the editor. Her favorite bugaboo is socialism, which she fails to define.