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    Friends of Evergreen Dog Park continue to look for space


    Friends of Evergreen Dog Park would like to respond to Rhea Slowik’s July 2 letter to the editor. First and foremost, FEDP’s goal is to advocate for and create a dog park in Evergreen that is a national model of community-based stewardship: one that provides the best possible off-leash environment, while protecting the natural resources of that area.

  • Romberg: Replacing Columbine is not the answer

    Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Jason Glass has suggested that the district consider razing Columbine High School and replacing it with a new Columbine. He cites the ongoing attention the school receives from people who are drawn there because of its history as the sight of the first significant school shooting in 1999 as a concern for school safety.

  • Rohrer: 007

    It’s the season for commencement addresses. I ran across this one given by Pierce Brosnan, also known as James Bond. Something about his ideas seemed to resonate. Here is part of what he told graduating Dickinson College students:

  • Romberg: Support for Proposition CC

    The various plots around TABOR continued to thicken last week as the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the amendment could be repealed in a single up or down vote and June revenue estimates suggested that state refunds would be much more significant than earlier believed.

    After the various landmines that TABOR author Douglas Bruce had imbedded in the amendment became obvious after TABOR passed in 1992, the legislature referred a constitutional amendment to Colorado voters limiting future constitutional amendments to a single subject.

  • Our Readers Write

    Evergreen doesn’t need a dog park


    Once again the Evergreen community has been deliberately kept in the dark by Jefferson County Open Space Director Tom Hoby and Jeffco Commissioner Casey Tighe with private meetings being held since February 2019 to plot with the Friends of Evergreen Dog Park to place a park on private land.

  • Our Readers Write

    Democrats have a duty to impeach Trump

    If a criminal starts a fire in your building, and you walk past the fire extinguisher without breaking the glass and using it, the resulting damage is as much your fault as it is the criminal who started the fire.

  • Webb: Vote no on Proposition CC

    Proposition CC will be one of the statewide ballot measures presented to voters this fall.

    Like Referendum C back in 2005, Proposition CC is a timeout from the TABOR mandate that excess revenues that are collected from the government be returned to taxpayers as a refund. Unlike Referendum C, which was a three-year temporary timeout from TABOR refunds, what Proposition CC does is enact a permanent timeout from TABOR refunds.

  • Doyle: Endless election cycle

    Within months of the start of the most recent session of the Colorado State Legislature, four representatives and two senators became the targets of recall efforts. This may cause you to wonder what crimes these people committed to merit such a drastic response after just a few months of service at our state Capitol.

    The answer is none. There is absolutely no requirement for a targeted official to have committed any type of criminal offense, financial fraud, been deemed corrupt or incapable of doing their job to be subjected to a recall.