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  • Doyle: Time for elected officials to work together

    Janet Heck Doyle

  • Community Voices: Proposition 110 will help Clear Creek County

    By Clear Creek Commissioners Tim Mauck, Sean Wood and Randy Wheelock

    Living along the I-70 Mountain Corridor, Clear Creek County residents understand the necessity of good transportation infrastructure.

    We require safe, accessible roads and bridges to drive our kids to school, to commute to work, to move products and food to our stores, and to access the recreational amenities that make Colorado one of the best places to live, work and raise a family.

  • Community Voices: Support Evergreen Rec District’s 6C, 6D

    Excellent parks and recreation opportunities support wellness and community cohesion. Ours, managed on our behalf by the Evergreen Park and Recreation District, have flourished over time, but they have not kept pace with community needs.

    Who says so? You did, in five years of community polling. And then confirmed by a 38-member Citizen Task Force comprised of business and civic leaders, HOAs, seniors, and other stakeholders who helped shape Measures 6C and 6D.


    Amendment 73 provides funding for education


    I will be voting on Amendment 73. I am a senior at Conifer High School and my younger brother is a junior. An education fund would not benefit either one of us, so I see no personal benefit, but  coming from a family with generous parents, I must consider the worst conditions for kids in Colorado.

  • Newkirk: Another billion-dollar beast

    It’s ballot season in the Rockies and — once again — the push is on for higher taxes.

    Among the larger requests are several initiatives to get more money into the public school system: a $1.6 billion statewide tax increase (Amendment 73) along with two local measures (5A and 5B) that come with $1 billion in taxpayer repayment obligations.

  • Doyle: Time for elected officials to work together

    My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful vacation. Our time away was made all the more enjoyable because we were untouched by the daily onslaught of national political news about the outrage du jour and, closer to home on the state and local fronts, the avalanche of political mailers, radio talk show rants and television commercials.


    Weldon running for coroner


    I’m Thomas Weldon, and I’m running for coroner. I currently work for you as an investigator with the Jeffco Coroner’s Office.

    To date I have investigated more than 3,800 deaths in our county, I am certified by the Colorado Coroner’s Association and hold diplomate status with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators nationally.

  • Community Voices: Clear Creek schools need voters’ help this election

    By Peter Monson and Phil Buckland

    There are two Clear Creek School District initiatives before the voters this November: 1) No. 4A, a mill levy override to increase employee pay; and 2), No. 4B, a short-term bond initiative to address critical infrastructure needs at every building in the district.

    Both initiatives are timed in such a way that they will not result in any increase in property taxes to taxpayers over current rates. We urge Clear Creek voters to support both of them.