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  • Why the hatred?

    As I have noted before, contrary to the false clarions of civility, a casual reading of American history reveals that, with a few national crises exceptions, our politics have always been rancorous, have always been polarizing, have always been personal.

  • Our Readers Write

    Providing accurate information
    Literature for a state senate race arrived this week and contains some misleading information. Since there are many new residents in Jeffco, some historical facts need to be shared.

  • Our Readers Write

    Delay would help heal the divisiveness
    On Sept. 2, this message was sent to Colorado’s senators:
    We must defer the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh until after the election of 2018. If the will of the people continues, the Republican majority in the Senate, they the people are confirming his nomination. If, on the other hand, the Democrats take control of the Senate, the people are speaking out for a change.
    Considering the far-reaching term of a justice, this delay would not be significant.

  • District map amendments deserve our vote

    One thing most people can agree on that it offends our sense of fair play when politicians try to stack the deck for their own benefit. One issue that generates especially negative reactions is gerrymandering.

  • The welfare generation

    Stoked by the national media, the incessant drumbeat of impeach, impeach, impeach has drowned out other topics, most of which are more cogent to the lives of the average American.  

  • Argue, don’t shoot

    Steve Posner

  • What is your American dream?

    Joe Webb

  • What we can learn from John McCain

    I believe that a leader must be about more than conducting the day-to-day business of the organization he or she leads. A true leader stands for the principles and traditions that bind us to that organization and cause us to be proud of being part of something unusually good and worth supporting.
    I recently was reminded of the words of Sen. John McCain when he was nominated to be the Republican candidate for president.