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    Needing support for the MBTA
    Evergreen Audubon has just launched the Year of the Bird for 2018. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
    The MBTA made it unlawful to kill, hunt, sell or possess most of the native wild birds in North America. Before the MBTA, billions of birds were being slaughtered for food, feathers and fun. Some birds, like the passenger pigeon and the Carolina parakeet, became extinct because of the hunting pressure on them before the MBTA.

  • Relief coming for Colorado’s smallest businesses?

    Tim Leonard

  • Finding the meaningful middle ground

    The first time I remember believing that a political event provided an absolute truth was after Richard Nixon resigned the presidency in 1974. Through all that Watergate taught us, the overriding simple truth to me was that sometimes the story about the story is more important than the story itself, and that people finding themselves in a scandal would be best served if they acknowledge their failures rather than extending the scandal by dragging out its final determinations and ramifications.

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks for volunteers during the holidays at Life Care Center
    Now that the holidays are over, all of us at Life Care Center of Evergreen want to express our sincere gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers who helped make the season special for our residents.

  • Transforming the bully pulpit

    For a full year now, I’ve been taking notes. Almost every day. Notes about the Trump presidency.
    It wasn’t easy because before one story could play itself, out another replaced it. My notes became encyclopedically long. There’s a popular theory going around: Trump keeps up this pace so we can’t get preoccupied with one bit of beastly behavior or any single atrocious act. It fast becomes yesterday’s news.

  • The process of filling a vacancy

    Joe Webb

  • Ensuring the availability of the Evergreen Lake trail

    One of the best things to do in Evergreen is to walk around Evergreen Lake. It’s a relatively easy hike with spectacular views, lots of activity as other people take advantage of a plethora of recreational activities that are available on and around the water, and access to a wide variety of wildlife, including many different bird species. Unfortunately, part of the trail was closed for more than a year and a half because of instability before it finally reopened in November.

  • Dividends or investment?