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    Vote on May 8
    It’s time to vote! You may say, “Not again,” or “Not already!”
    But this is different. This is about the future of Evergreen, our hometown. Tuesday, May 8, is the election for the Evergreen Park & Recreation District Board of Directors. This election has historically had low voter turnout, with less than 10 percent of the possible voters coming to the polls.


    Vote for EPRD incumbents


    Please vote on May 8 for Peg Linn, John Ellis and Peter Lindquist for the board of directors for Evergreen Park & Recreation District. These three incumbent candidates have done a marvelous job over the past four years keeping water in Buchanan Ponds, repairing the trail around Evergreen Lake and completing the connector trail between downtown and the dam.

  • Jeffco schools funding for next year

    By Dr. Jason Glass

    Jeffco Public Schools superintendent

    Springtime for schools also means budget season. In this column, we’ll take a look at the budget process for the next school year and how that’s shaping up.

  • A degree doesn't define effective leadership

    By Joe Webb

    Jefferson County Republican Party chairman

  • Why we do what we do

    Journalists usually are not good at tooting their own horns. Shoot, in a lot of ways, it doesn’t feel right to do so. But this time, we are.

    We’re a small, but dedicated staff at Evergreen Newspapers. The past two weekends have been a bit surreal for us as our peers paid tribute to our diligent work during the past 12 months.

    First, the Colorado Press Association honored our staff with 47 awards, including a pair of sweepstakes awards for photography and design for the Canyon Courier and Clear Creek Courant.

  • Facebook … the good, the bad and the ugly

    I was not an early adopter of Facebook. Like many my age, I thought it was for kids. Now, I am a user, and I enjoy the networking benefits it brings.
    I commonly communicate with friends and business associates, many of whom I haven’t seen for years. My sister is a well-known artist, but she lives in Cincinnati. With her postings, I can enjoy her artwork.

  • The outrage industry is booming

    John Newkirk

    With the children unable to agree among themselves — and my deadline long since past — I simply gave the cat the most hackneyed name I could think of: Fluffy.
    Fluffy was fat and furry and pretty as a pickle. Her main purpose on earth, it seemed, was to slink, stalk and pounce on anything that moved: the fly on the window pane, a cotton ball on a string, my unshod foot.

  • Our Readers Write

    Disappointed to see end of Building Trades program
    The March 28 Canyon Courier contained an article that announced the closing of the Building Trades program at Conifer High School.
    This is disappointing and a disservice to students, though I suspect there is parental-, peer-group-, and teacher input to students electing to avoid this option. In my younger days, two years of “shop” was required of all boys and two years of “home economics” was required of all girls.