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    The ineffectiveness of extremism


    Kathleen Hames relentlessly continues to share her fear-driven agenda of right-wing hysteria in her July 24 letter to the editor. Her favorite bugaboo is socialism, which she fails to define.

  • Greene: Will Colorado roll out the red carpet for the gray wolf?

    Ready or not, you could be approached by someone wielding a clipboard who wants to educate you about the Gray Wolves Initiative.

    The plan will require Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife Commission to develop and implement a plan to reintroduce gray wolves to the state’s Western Slope. In 2020, voters could have the opportunity to weigh in on whether they are willing to bring back the apex predator that has been absent from Colorado since 1940.

  • Our Readers Write

    The 2020 presidential election and direction of the country


    In response to Justin Dick’s July 10 response to my letter regarding the 2020 presidential election and the direction of the country:

    Mr. Dick apparently believes countries that operate under socialism, the baby step precursor to communism, have a happier population. I disagree. Mr. Dick might want to ask people who are here from Venezuela or the former U.S.S.R. or those who escaped from Cuba if they liked that system.

  • Rohrer: We should choose to go to the moon again

    It’s been 50 years since Neil Armstrong stepped out of the lunar module onto the surface of the moon. News media around the world covered every detail of the Apollo 11 project to land the first human on the moon and a safe return.

    All Americans who were adults in 1969 remember well how exhilarating the event was. The pride our astronauts brought us was uniquely wonderful.

  • Romberg: Friends for the Future

    Three Republican members of the Colorado House of Representatives — two who left office last year and one who is still serving — have formed a new organization, Friends for the Future, with hopes that a different approach might lead to more Republican success and more balance of power in Colorado government.

  • Generations: For the Davey family, it’s all about the military and sports

    I wanted to write about a family with longstanding and ongoing presence in the military, and Bruce Davey of Evergreen certainly fits the bill.

    • Bruce grandfather was a Navy doctor.

    • Bruce’s father, Harry, was career Navy, serving many places including the U.S. and Germany.

    • Bruce’s mother, Jane, had members of the Royal Navy of Britain in her family tree, specifically her father and grandfather. 

    • Bruce’s brother Douglas, like Bruce, is a former Navy pilot.

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks from Evergreen Music Festival organizer


    Many thanks for your article “It’s a Perfect Day’”about the Fourth of July Evergreen Music Festival! We’re grateful to our 25 wonderful community sponsors plus our performers, volunteers, staff, children’s artists and food trucks — they all contributed to our success.

  • Rohrer: Term limits versus gerrymandering

    The 2018 U.S. House of Representatives election resulted in control moving from Republicans to Democrats despite a furious “save the House” effort by Republicans.

    Some are calling it a blue wave, yet even in this year of change, 91 percent of incumbents were re-elected. One hundred seventy-six Democrats ran for re-election and 99 percent, or 174, won. Two hundred two Republicans ran and 85 percent, or 171, won. There were 33 incumbents who didn’t seek re-election and those seats resulted in a net gain of five seats for Democrats.