Today's Opinions

  • Hicks: Remembering 9/11

    Good morning. Have you checked the calendar to see what today is? When I started thinking about writing this column last week and looked at the calendar to see when it would hit the newsstand, I immediately remembered 18 years ago.

    I remembered where I was, who I was with and the feeling of helplessness.

  • Rohrer: Health care for Americans

    Imagine how desperate you would be if your spouse, the most important person in your world, had no health care available because he or she had some medical condition which, while not life threatening, made them uninsurable?

  • Our Readers Write

    Educate yourself on wildlife


    Recently, neighbors in the Columbine area have been seeing mountain lions, deer and bobcats in older subdivisions. A young bear was spotted in Highlands Ranch. This is also an area that has been settled for a while. People are wondering where the animals are coming from, and they are worried about contacts with them.

  • Romberg: Saying goodbye to Dino’s

    At the end of the month, one of my favorite places in Jefferson County will be gone. The owner of Dino’s Italian Restaurant, just off the corner of Kipling and Colfax in Lakewood, announced that the restaurant will close Sept. 30 after 58 years in business.

  • Rohrer: More than a paycheck

    The Business Roundtable, an organization of big businesses, caused a stir recently when it proclaimed that the purpose of business is not to serve only the interests of their shareholders. The organization’s spokesman, J.P. Morgan Chairman Jamie Dimon, announced that the group is broadening its focus by saying “Shareholder interests and stock prices shouldn’t always come first.” Their new idea is that “good corporate governance should also include the interests of employees, customers and society at large.”

  • Our Readers Write

    Vista El Rancho is preleasing


    After years of effort, AT HOME in Evergreen Inc, the affordable workforce housing initiative, has received word that “Vista El Rancho” apartments near Home Depot are available for preleasing through the Jeffco Housing Authority.

  • Doyle: Time to ‘de-bruce’ Jeffco

    With summer fun and travel almost in the rearview mirror and kids back in school, perhaps you have a little extra free time. Put that time to good use by learning about Jeffco Ballot Issue 1A, which will appear on your Nov. 5 ballot.

    This is a non-partisan issue, having been approved unanimously by the county commissioners. The outcome will directly impact the quality of your life in many ways, including health, public safety, transportation and recreation.

  • Webb: Something to celebrate this Labor Day

    I recently had the opportunity to meet with a dear friend for lunch in Colorado Springs. He is an excellent man with a thriving business.

    It was a glorious summer day in Colorado. We walked along Colorado Avenue and then turned south on Cascade. He wanted to check out the offerings of the food trucks that were in front of what I was told was a government building.