Hicks: Remembering 9/11

Good morning. Have you checked the calendar to see what today is? When I started thinking about writing this column last week and looked at the calendar to see when it would hit the newsstand, I immediately remembered 18 years ago.

I remembered where I was, who I was with and the feeling of helplessness.


Evergreen's Big Chili Cook-off is a staple of the area. Do you go to the festival or hope to go it one year?

With recent mountain lion and bear attacks in the area does this concern you as we move into late summer/early fall?

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The Evergreen Talent Showcase is on Sept. 14. What would you consider to be your best talent?

How much does your family spend on back-to-school shopping, including clothes, supplies, fees?

Do you participate in the annual Dam Ducky Derby?

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