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  • Students of all ages listen to others, give feedback at King-Murphy’s Young Writers Conference

    King-Murphy Elementary students read books at school on Thursday — not just to themselves but to their classmates.

    The entire school participated in a Young Writers Conference in which one student from each grade is put into a group, and they find a place in the school to share something they have written. Everyone listens and gives feedback, and when each child is done reading, the adult leader puts a sticker on the book, lauding them for their excellent work.

  • Generations: Vivian Burrows: Engaged and involved in a variety of activities

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a person in her 80s who is more engaged in life and involved in numerous endeavors than Conifer resident Vivian Burrows.

    As an example, I had to request an appointment time with her last week as she had a birthday party in Bailey in the morning and Great Decisions in the evening. She would have to leave that group early to get to choir practice.

    She also found time to drop off some laundry for her son, a much-beloved bagger at Evergreen Safeway, Craig Burrows. Whew!

  • Our Readers Write

    Appreciative of your support


    To our great merchants in Evergreen:

    Thank you so much for the support you gave the Evergreen Elks by way of  donations to our silent auction on April 13. More than 34 merchants donated, and I was blown away by your generosity. 

    We were able to earn a significant amount for Elks National Foundation. Because of your generosity, we will get the grants and scholarships needed to give back to the community. 

  • Webb: A taxing situation

    I favor tax equality for all our citizens. If we’re all equal before the law as part of the justice system then when it comes to paying for the maintenance of the government we ought to be equal before the government also. The best way to accomplish this, I believe, is through a national flat tax. We already have a flat income tax in Colorado, but we need to have one for the federal government as well.

  • Doyle: Being a courteous trail user

    I’ve seen the first daffodils and crocus popping up with splashes of color here and there. Spring has finally arrived!

    We all know that means the trails throughout our community will see an increasing number of bikers, hikers, runners, horseback riders and their four-legged companions, including a few llamas. Now is a good time to remember how important it is to be kind to our beautiful mountain environment and to other trail users.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Locking horns

  • On the Move: What are you waiting for?

    As a personal trainer, I’m mystified as to why so many people are willing to become unhealthier by the day. We have a population in the United States that continues to gain weight, eat poorly, exercise too little and are becoming less and less functional.

    By functional I mean people can’t move. Parents can’t play with their kids, which are memories of fun that will never happen. Grandparents can’t get on and off the floor to play with their grandkids. People can’t hike, ride bikes or ski anymore.

  • Inter-Canyon hires new employees with mill levy funds

    In keeping with the district’s strategic plan, Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District hired two new staff members. 

  • Art, elevated: For Rachel Baer Henderson, art was a saving grace

    Rachel Baer Henderson likes to say her artistic journey began when she took her crayons to the wall of her childhood home.

    But despite her early experiments, the Conifer resident’s path to art wasn’t as clear-cut as one might think. She transitioned into art full-time 20 years ago after spending 10 years working in forensics. The work was interesting, but Henderson said she was ready for a change.

  • Hundreds gather at Clement Park to honor 20th anniversary of tragedy

    Sean Graves and Patrick Ireland weren’t friends before they met during rehabilitation at Craig Hospital.