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  • Sides draw battle lines over proposed tax hike for schools

    The pro and con contingents are drawing up battles lines over the proposed property-tax increase for Jeffco schools on the November ballot. 

    Opponents say the tax increase would not fully address the district’s budget issues or guarantee improved student performance, and that the district can find other places to cut the budget. Proponents counter that the increase would help a district ravaged by budget cuts over the past several years and help keep residential property values in the county high by maintaining quality schools.

  • Stage 2 fire restrictions enacted in Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forests

    The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests are now under stage 2 fire restrictions, as well as a recreational shooting ban.
    “We have a major fire burning on our forest,” said forest supervisor Glenn Casamassa. “Protecting people and homes is our main priority. Since fire danger is at an all-time high, doing what we can to prevent additional ignitions is imperative.”

  • From Peaks to Plains: Trail along Clear Creek will span two counties

    A 5-mile stretch of Clear Creek straddling Jefferson and Clear Creek county open spaces will be the focus of a $4.6 million paved-trail project that promises to open up the waterway for kayakers, runners, hikers and cyclists to enjoy.


    The entire project will cost a projected $10.2 million, including $4.5 million in matching funds from Jeffco Open Space and $1.1 million from Clear Creek Open Space.

  • Sheriff bans sale, possession of fireworks

    The Jeffco sheriff has banned the sale, use or possession of fireworks in unincorporated areas of the county, including on federal lands.

    The Sheriff's Office issued the ban Tuesday after the county commissioners earlier in the day voted unanimously to give the sheriff authority to ban firework sales under terms of a new ordinance.

    Violators will be subject to a $600 fine. Before the ordinance was passed, the sheriff had the authority only to ban use of fireworks, but sales were still allowed.

  • Volunteers at Evergreen Lake have pull

    While families were having picnics and enjoying the toasty weather at Evergreen Lake on Saturday, two dozen volunteers were walking around the lake with large trash bags — pulling weeds.


    Evergreen Audubon volunteers collected about a dozen bags of weeds, an effort they have undertaken each spring for the past 15 years. They walk the circumference of the lake to check the grassy areas for weeds, staying way from the wetlands because of the nesting birds.

  • Lundberg defeats Weissmann in GOP primary in 2nd Congressional District

    Republicans in the 2nd Congressional District chose veteran politician Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud to face Democratic incumbent Jared Polis in the November election.

    With all precincts reporting, Lundberg defeated Boulder entrepreneur Eric Weissmann 53.3 percent to 46.6 percent in the June 26 primary, in a redrawn district that added Evergreen, Conifer and other conservative areas to Polis’ formerly safe Democratic stronghold.

  • Training building will benefit volunteers

    By Mike Weege
    Evergreen Fire/Rescue has been planning to build a training facility for years. Research of building types and locations began in 2010, resulting in a proposal presented to the fire district board early in 2012.
    I encourage community members to base their opinions on accurate information. In our current political environment, both locally and nationally, accurate information can be difficult to come by. Please do your own research, gather the facts and listen to both sides of the conversation before forming an opinion.

  • Books provide important bird-identifying information

    The questions I am most frequently asked are, “What is the best bird book for this area?” or “What is the best bird book for identification? or “What book do you use?” Actually, I use three books most frequently.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Survivor: Elk Meadow Park

  • Looking for Waldo in Evergreen

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Waldo, the well-known book character, Evergreen businesses are offering in-store searches for him.

    Cardboard cutouts of the little fellow in the striped shirt and black-rimmed specs can be found while visiting 20 businesses and nonprofit organizations through the month of July.  

    Those who spot Waldo are eligible to win prizes, including buttons, books and more.  

    “The idea is to come into the stores,” said Marcie Dahlen of HearthFire Books of Evergreen.