Today's News

  • Evergreen water district penalty rate lifted

    Due to recent rainfall and higher stream flows, the Evergreen Metropolitan District board has rescinded the drought penalty rate previously enacted.

    All water used over 14,000 gallons per month per residential equivalent will be billed at the standard rate of $5 per 1,000 gallons.

  • Making picnics environmentally friendly as well as fun

     While picnics and outdoor events are fun, the vast majority of disposable products picnickers use wind up in landfills, adding to the waste stream humans generate. The Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability has developed a program designed to offset this problem by helping people create a zero-waste event from planning stages to final cleanup.

    EAS+Y volunteers can direct event organizers to places where they can purchase recyclable or compostable cups, plates, or utensils, which are available from many sources, including a local wholesaler.

  • Bootstraps recipients heading off to college

     Evergreen High School graduate Stephanie Lownds says she is excited — and a little scared — about heading to the University of Wyoming in a few weeks as a freshman.

    Lownds also says she appreciates her Bootstraps scholarship, which will help with tuition and room and board.

    Anna Bowes, another Evergreen High grad and Bootstraps recipient, is getting ready to move to a dorm at Colorado State University, where she will study music and participate in the school’s marching band. 

  • A downright delightful ducky derby

      “Here they come!” an onlooker shouted Saturday as a shower of 7,000 yellow rubber duckies cascaded to the base of Evergreen Lake Dam.


    The crowd gathered by the water cheered as the huge mass of duckies poured from a net attached to an Evergreen Fire/Rescue cherry picker at the colorful start of the third annual Dam Duck Derby.

    After a quick recovery from their dramatic release high above the dam, the duckies began floating on Bear Creek on the sunny afternoon.

  • Injured EHS grad faces lengthy rehab

    Progress is slow but steady for Ryan Haebe, a former standout runner for Evergreen High School who faces a long process of rehabilitation after sustaining a brain injury on July 7.

    Ryan’s family keeps positive thoughts that the day will come when he is back to his old self, though they also understand his rehabilitation could take years.

  • Hundreds pack EHS gym to support Haebe family

    The Evergreen High School gymnasium was packed on Monday night for a basketball game that wasn’t about the sport itself but about support for Evergreen’s Haebe family.

    Hundreds of EHS students, alums, parents, teachers and friends paid the $5 entry fee and donated a little more to help out Scott and Klaudia Haebe, whose son Ryan sustained a head injury when he fell 13 feet as he was trying to climb onto the roof of an apartment building in Boulder.

  • Romney rips Obama economic record in Jeffco visit

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to the Jeffco Fairgrounds on Thursday and promoted his job-creating and deficit-cutting policies, while blasting President Barack Obama’s inability to turn around the economy.

    “He had a lot of people excited. But look at the results. It’s been a disappointment. His policies have not worked,” Romney said.

  • Former Evergreen man gets 45-day sentence for improper sexual contact

    A former Evergreen man found guilty of unlawful sexual contact involving an at-risk adult has received a sentence of 45 days in prison and 3½ years of intensely supervised probation.

    During his sentencing hearing Aug. 2 in Jefferson County Court, Ronald Ruhoff, 73, acknowledged having physical contact with the 29-year-old victim, whom he met while working as a driver for an area organization.

  • Evergreen man charged in father’s slaying

    An Evergreen man is being held without bond, accused of killing his 90-year-old father and of trying to torch the home they shared.

    Kenneth James Elmgreen, 53, remains in the Jefferson County jail on charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree arson and two counts of a crime of violence. Elmgreen is suspected in the slaying of his father, Evergreen resident Kenneth Arthur Elmgreen.

    The crime-of-violence charges filed by the district attorney allege that the elder Elmgreen was killed “with hands and/or a pillow.”

  • Colorado should head off trouble at the pass

    There are 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives. Penises occupy 83 of them. Vaginas are sadly underrepresented, and indeed two of them were recently prohibited from speaking out on, of all topics, women’s reproductive rights.