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  • Mailbox bashings under investigation

    The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of mailbox bashings that occurred in Hiwan Hills on Aug 17.

    Someone damaged 15 mailboxes on Buchanan Road, Peggy Lane and Paintbrush Drive in the early-morning hours, Jeffco sheriff’s spokesman Mark Techmeyer reported.

    While each bashed mailbox was taken as a separate report, deputies believe the incidents were connected, Techmeyer said.

    Deputies are pursuing leads regarding the person or persons involved in the incident.

    — Sandy Barnes

  • Soda Creek resident seeks rezoning to continue Amish-style antique business

    Soda Creek resident Larry Gomba has an Amish-style barn filled with antiques, which he had been selling on his property until a neighbor complained to Jefferson County. Gomba also has been offering horse and buggy rides along Soda Creek Road to visitors, which neighbors also find objectionable.


    Because Gomba’s 12 acres of land have agricultural-2 zoning, his antique restoration and sales business is against county regulations. For the past year, Gomba has been working with county planning staff to find a solution.

  • Enjoying wine, food and song

     Stemmed glasses in hand, festival-goers sampled an interesting variety of Colorado wines at Bootstraps Inc.’s annual fund-raiser at the El Pinal Rodeo Grounds on Saturday afternoon.


    At the main tent, Doug Caskey, executive director of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board, was offering festival-goers advice on choosing wines.

    ‘When you drink this wine and taste it, does it taste younger or older?” Caskey asked while holding a glass of 285 Fusion from Aspen Peak Cellars.

  • Firefighters, residents debate proposed fire training facility

    More than 100 residents and firefighters filled the Evergreen Fire/Rescue auditorium Aug. 14 to discuss the fire district’s controversial plan to build a training facility in Bergen Park, cheering and clapping at intervals.


    Residents voiced concerns with building a four-story training facility at Fire Station 2, which is near homes and an elementary school, and asked that other sites be considered.

  • Ultra-running champion going the distance in Relay for Life

    An ultra-running champion is gearing up for an all-night event at the Mountain Area Relay for Life at Conifer High School on Friday.

    Conifer resident Theresa Daus-Weber says her 50-mile goal on the high school track will be good practice for an upcoming competition while supporting a good cause.

    The Relay for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, has meaning for Daus-Weber because of the loss of her father, who succumbed to the disease.

  • Crippler lives up to its name

    Few have shed the blood, sweat and tears required to claim a Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) Triple Crown title to their list of achievements, but on Aug. 11 five people did just that when they finished the inaugural Cripple Creek Crippler Bike Race, bringing the total number of 2012 Triple Crown achievers to 16.

  • King-Murphy principal replaced

    Dr. Colleen Larson, the principal at King-Murphy Elementary School for the past four years, was replaced effective July 30.

    District Superintendent Todd Lancaster, who started the superintendent’s job this month, said he felt a change in leadership was needed at King-Murphy, which houses kindergarten through sixth grade.

    “In general,” he said, “I feel the leadership environment was not what I wanted in place at that school.”

  • Really? These are our choices?

    Did you hear about Romney Hood?  He steals from the poor and gives to the rich. The response: That’s “Obamaloney.” And this is how we choose the leader of the free world?

  • Barn swallows are another visitor to the area

    Two weeks ago, I wrote about the tree and violet-green swallows that nest in this area. They are the swallows that have dark blue-black backs and white under parts as they flash by.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    An Appalachian interlude