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  • Feel-good sports stories a welcome respite

    One of the best things about sports teams is the catalyst they can provide to bring people together. Eyes all over the world were focused on the World Cup in June and July.  
    While our team failed to make it into the 32-nation tournament, we watched people from all over the world show their national pride until France won the championship with a win over Croatia.

  • The 100-mile Poole

    For many athletes, endurance sports are the ultimate test of mental and physical strength. 

    Every year, Evergreen’s Jason Poole takes that mantra to a whole new level with ultramarathons, which are races of 50 miles or more. Last month, he braved the Hardrock 100 for the fifth time and finished it for the fifth time — a feat in and of itself.

  • Evergreen pickleball players excel at tournament

    Enthusiasm over pickleball has been exploding lately in Evergreen.

    At the end of the June, the 100-plus players who live and play in the Evergreen area proved just how popular it has become when nine players medaled in the Colorado Open pickleball tournament in Arvada.

    “Evergreen has some awesome players, which is so much fun,” said Linda Strauss, a 67-year-old Evergreen resident and nine-year competitor. “You don’t have to go down the hill (to play) if you don’t want to.”

  • Elect a Speaker of the House not speaker of a party

    Admittedly, my last recommendation to improve the working of our dysfunctional U.S. House of Representatives will be challenging. It will take a groundswell of voter support to amend the Constitution to provide longer terms and a one-term limitation for House members.
    A recent McLaughlin & Associates survey shows that 82 percent of voters support a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits. We must speak out for a specific initiative for this to gain some momentum.

  • A Rocky Mountain low for the N.Y. Times

    Perhaps by now you’ve had the unfortunate occasion to read or hear about the scurrilous piece of yellow journalism recently perpetrated upon the Republican candidate for governor, Walker Stapleton.
    In a N.Y. Times article titled “Family history haunts GOP candidate for governor in Colorado” by Julie Turkewitz (July 24), we have the perfect example of biased reporting of facts masquerading as news reporting. We have the perfect example of why Trump supporters regard with such disdain that bastion of Progressive fabrications, the N.Y. Times.

  • EHS alums join together to share photos, stories and their history

    The Walker kids made a strong showing at the Evergreen High School alumni reunion on Saturday.

    Four of the five siblings — EHS graduates between 1955 and 1964 — attended the reunion. While Dee Walker, ‘64, now lives in her parents’ home in Pine Junction where they grew up, Larry and Del came from Texas to meet with old friends at the annual event at Evergreen Lutheran Church.

  • ‘Sleep, baseball and eat’

    Ask those who have ever had a passion for playing baseball, and they’ll tell you the ultimate dream is to make it to the big leagues someday.

    For Evergreen High School alum and current Tampa Bay Rays minor leaguer Brock Burke, that dream is just within reach.

  • Evergreen golfers get taste of Scotland

    At the beginning of July, three Evergreen golfers and their coach got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the game on another continent, and it opened them to the European style of the sport.

    For 10 days, EHS students Nolan Miller and Clayton Whitton and May graduate Xan Anderson graced the Scottish golf courses with their skills, playing alongside golfers from around the U.S. and their Scottish counterparts. They were invited to participate in various tournaments in the country by a coach in Arizona, who took a group of boys last summer.

  • Yoga in the Grove provides grounding, beauty and community

    By Caroline Joan Peixoto
    For the Courier

    Several Sundays this summer, people of all ages are gathering at Hiwan Heritage Grove for a special yoga class: Yoga in the Grove.
    The free, all-levels, all-ages class is held in the middle of a family of ponderosa pines. It is co-sponsored by Studio B Yoga and Jefferson County Open Space.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Smaug warning