Today's News

  • Site for shooting range still under discussion

    A working group continues to discuss potential locations in Jeffco for a county-owned public shooting range, and open-space land appears to be a possibility. 

    For the past two months, Jeffco Parks and Open Space Director Tom Hoby, county planning staff, a mediator and others have been discussing a possible location for a shooting range and its costs.

    “It’s a delicate issue,” Hoby said. 

  • Fire district delays audit release to reflect new radio equipment

    The Evergreen Fire Protection District now plans to release its annual audit in July so that auditors have time to properly account for new radio equipment, Fire Chief Mike Weege said.

    The district has been using the new two-way radio equipment since September. The audit was first scheduled to be released on May 13.

  • Lower speed limit eyed near dog park

    A new “advisory” speed limit of 30 mph on Stagecoach Boulevard near the Elk Meadow Open Space dog park is being considered after a dog was killed on the road there recently.

    The county has added several safety measures at the spot over the years, said Kevin French, director of Jeffco's Transportation and Engineering Division. The division is considering the new speed limit, which would be 10 mph lower than the current 40-mph limit, French said.

  • Buffalo Bill visits Evergreen

    Buffalo Bill was in Evergreen on June 11 to tell his story — dressed to the teeth in a light-tan buckskin jacket with fringe, knee-high black boots, a trimmed goatee and a cowboy hat.

    Was it really THE Buffalo Bill Cody of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show fame of the late 1800s?

    Of course not.

  • Jeffco updating Evergreen community plan

    Jefferson County planners are updating and combining community plans, including one created for Evergreen that is almost 10 years old.

    “The biggest challenge is rolling this plan into the comprehensive master plan,” said Jeffco planner Russ Clark, who is working on a 2015 update.

    “The intent here is to take items to create area plans for future land use,” he explained.

    All redundant policies will be removed from the individual community plans to create a streamlined plan, said Clark. 

  • Big R opens in grand style on rodeo weekend

    While shoppers were looking at clothing, guns and home supplies at Big R on Saturday, Evergreen resident Fritz Coellen was hunting for a wife — his own, Shirley — who was somewhere in the store.

    The Coellens were among the first customers at the grand opening of the 40,000-square-foot store, which offers a wide array of items from greeting cards to chicken coops.

    “They’ve got a good store here,” said Fritz Coellen, who came in to buy hardware.

  • Rodeo queen injured in fall from horse

    Sierra Knodle — who was crowned Evergreen Rodeo Queen 2015 — is recovering at home after she broke her collarbone in a fall from her horse during the grand entry into the rodeo grounds on Saturday.

    The bridle of Knodle’s horse broke during the event, which happened before the rodeo performance at 2 p.m. at the Esco Construction Arena.

    Knodle, 16, was taken to a hospital by ambulance after the fall. She was back at the rodeo grounds on Sunday, said mom Jennifer Knodle. 

  • Parade features horses of many colors

    It was truly the “Year of the Horse.”

    Saturday’s Evergreen Rodeo Parade featured sawhorses on wheels made up to look like the real thing, and genuine equines that left behind plenty of all-too-real evidence of their attendance.

    For John Steinle, director of the Hiwan Homestead Museum, the hobby horses presented their own challenges.

  • Evergreen Lake getting new boardwalk

    While kids play in a grassy field by Evergreen Lake, workers saw and place planks of wood for a new boardwalk at the park.

    “This time around, we're replacing the entire boardwalk,” said Scott Robson, executive director of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.

    “We're removing it completely down to the foundation,” he added.

    Although the flooding last fall did some minor damage to the structure, its 20-year age and the wear and tear on the walkway made the replacement necessary, Robson said.

  • Trails plan puts Evergreen on right path

    By Greg Dobbs

    As long as I’ve lived in Evergreen, and that’s 28 years now, there has been an upside and a downside to being unincorporated. The upside is simple to see: We don’t have an additional layer of government, nor do we bear the costs of one. There are so many generous, committed, civic-minded citizens and nonprofits here that we don’t usually need a mayor or a council.