Today's News

  • Another outdoor market coming to Bergen Village

    Bergen Village will have two outdoor markets this summer: the annual farmers market on Tuesdays and a new Hummingbird Evergreen Market on Sundays.

    Both will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The farmers market opens June 3 and will continue through Aug. 26. The hummingbird market opens June 8 and will run through Aug. 24.

    This is the 15th year for the farmers market, which is operated by Colorado Outdoor Markets, and it promises to have more food this year.

  • Barks and Belts fund-raiser on June 1

    Isaac Mohr is looking forward to the Barks and Belts fund-raiser on June 1.

    He’s asking several friends to join him in walking foster dogs in the 5K walk/run that benefits both the Evergreen Animal Protective League and Evergreen/Conifer Drive Smart.

    Never mind that Isaac’s mom, Jackie Mohr, is the executive director of Drive Smart. Animals and EAPL are near and dear to Isaac’s heart.

  • Discipline suited him well

    Even assistant principals get called to the office occasionally.

    On May 19, Jim Jackson, Evergreen High School’s assistant principal in charge of discipline, was called to a mock office in a skit during the senior farewell assembly. The school not only said goodbye to its seniors but to Jackson, who is retiring at the end of this month.

    “You treat kids with respect and dignity,” assistant principal Tony Barnett said to applause from students.

  • ‘A beautiful little boy’

    Kai Bianco is being called a “miracle baby” by Evergreen Fire/Rescue paramedics and Flight for Life personnel.

    Kai, who turned 1 on Saturday, was bitten in the head by the family dog on March 4. Not only did he survive, but according to his parents, he’s back to doing everything he was doing before the accident: pulling himself up to standing, babbling like babies do, and feeding himself.

  • Walking into springtime at Reynolds Park

    Winding along the road to Reynolds Park in Conifer, bright green leaves popping out of aspen branches are a welcome sight after a long, cold winter that didn't want to quit. After arriving at Reynolds and heading onto Oxen Draw Trail, you notice that the woodland park is alive with springtime activity. Birds perched in high trees call to each other, and delicate wildflowers are blossoming brightly on the forest floor.

    Spring has returned!

  • GOP candidate Keyser seeking political balance in legislature

    Colorado native Jon Keyser says he's running for the House District 25 seat to help restore political balance to the state legislature. 

    “We’re coming off of a couple of years of control by the same party,” he said. “There are no checks and balances.”

    Keyser, a Morrison resident, said he would like to serve the state as a “citizen legislator” representing the interests and concerns of those in his district. 

  • Dedication of soldier statue touches Evergreen residents at Memorial Day service

    After a hushed silence, more than 200 people at the Memorial Day service at Buchanan Park stood and applauded as a bronze statue of a kneeling soldier was unveiled on Monday afternoon.

    Titled "The Sentry," the life-size sculpture was placed within the wall of the Veterans Commemorative Walk in remembrance of those who died in war. The infantryman depicted in the work is holding a rifle, and appears to be gazing at pavers dedicated to soldiers killed in action.

  • Evergreen residents walk through plans for connecting trails

    During an open house May 20 for a trails master plan, Evergreen residents Jennifer and Troy Berens said they would like to see a connecting trail from their Hiwan Hills neighborhood to downtown Evergreen.

    Other suggestions from residents included closing the downtown area to traffic to increase walkability and creating a walking and biking path from Evergreen to Conifer.

  • Clear Creek school board fires superintendent

    Clear Creek Schools Superintendent Todd Lancaster was fired on a split vote at the school board's May 20 meeting, and the sentiment for ousting Lancaster became unanimous at a hastily scheduled executive session three days later. 

    Lancaster and the board had been at odds at times over some issues, but that friction apparently had grown to include teachers disgruntled over changes planned in the district's administrative structure. 

  • It’s difficult to discern the two subspecies of ibis

    Two weeks ago, we had a small group of 15 glossy ibis at the lake, and I promised to write about them this week. The glossy ibis is usually divided into two subspecies: the glossy ibis in the East and the white-faced glossy ibis in the West.

    However, the problem lies in the fact that the birds are identical except for the white feathers at the base of the bill in the white-faced glossy ibis. Sometimes this is present in western birds but only in small amounts, and sometimes not at all. Therefore, it is difficult to positively name the western birds.