Today's News

  • Work on connector trail at Evergreen Lake dam to begin in April

    Construction on the long-anticipated connector trail at the Evergreen Lake dam is scheduled to begin the second week of April, said Dean Dalvit of the Downtown Evergreen Economic District.

    The 200-foot trail connection, which has been in planning stages for several years, will provide an alternative to the steep metal stairs leading from the base of the dam to the lake trail. The project is a collaborative effort involving DEED and the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.

  • Storksbill blooms may be seen in February near the foothills

    Once more, a fine snow is drifting down on the meadows that surround me. Elk Run Assisted Living is located in an offshoot of the Elk Meadow Open Space area.

    I watched the fog move across the meadow and as usual this time of year, it brought another snowstorm with it. The grasses in the meadow are dry, tan or yellow, with nary a sign of spring green.

  • Snow days

    A snowstorm in the foothills — whether 6 inches or 60 inches — brings a series of rituals that include both outdoor and indoor activities.

    As Evergreen and Conifer prepared on Friday for a snowy blast over the weekend, one of the first rituals for many was a trip to the grocery store to stock up on supplies, with reports of long lines at checkout stands and empty shelves after the onslaught.

  • Winter ice-skating season ends at Evergreen Lake

    The only people on the ice at Evergreen Lake last week were a few fishermen and workers who were cleaning the frozen surface.

    Warm weather mixed with intermittent snow created unstable conditions on the ice, prompting the Evergreen Park and Recreation District to close the skating rinks for the season.

    Ellen O'Connor, EPRD executive director, said that a collaborative decision had been made after conferring with Brad Bednar, Evergreen Lake House supervisor, and Heart Cameron, EPRD operations manager.

  • ‘Willy Wonka Jr.’ brings sweet performances to EMS

    The Oompa-Loompas will visit Evergreen Middle School on Friday and Saturday, when “Willy Wonka Jr.” is performed by the school’s choral music students.

    The show is based on the book “Willy Wonka,” so the plot is a bit different than the Gene Wilder movie. But the students will be treated to old friends such as Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, his Uncle Joe and the other difficult children who find golden tickets.

  • All about bears, squirrels, gophers

    “Do mice hibernate?” 4½-year-old Maia Maestas asked volunteer naturalist Connie Hauver.

    Maia and other youngsters were gathered around Hauver for a Preschool Nature Nuts program at Lookout Mountain Nature Center last Thursday.

    Mice don’t hibernate like bears and other creatures during the wintertime, Hauver said.

  • Names of teachers involved in sick-outs won't be released, for now

    An injunction will temporarily prevent Jeffco Public Schools from releasing the names of teachers who participated in “sick-outs” last fall pending a court hearing requested by the teachers union, which claims that disclosing the information would violate teachers’ medical privacy.

    The Jefferson County Education Association’s Feb. 18 filing in District Court claims that even when sick-leave records do not contain specific health data, disclosing the records to the public could indirectly reveal private information.

  • ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ delivers some big laughs

    Hungry alien plants on a quest for world domination aren’t usually what come to mind when one thinks of a sentimental love story. In the case of “Little Shop of Horrors,” alien plants, skid-row orphans and maniacal dentists are exactly the right recipe for unlikely love. The Evergreen Chorale’s production of this madcap musical proves that love can be found in the most unlikely places even with a lounge-chair-size monster plant hanging over your shoulder.

  • Coffman deserves respect for service

    Mike Coffman, Colorado’s congressman from the 6th District, can be a bulldog.

    Once he latches onto something, he tends to hang on for dear life until the point he wants to make is clear or the issue he’s pursuing has come to some kind of resolution.

  • Evergreen couple open shooting range in Lakewood

    Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center in Lakewood has been very busy since it opened.

    Owners Bryan and Jacquelyn Clark of Evergreen expected it to be that way. The couple moved to Evergreen from Atlanta recently and started looking for a nearby shooting range they could join. When they found that the Clear Creek Sportsman Club in Dumont has an estimated two-year wait, and the Boulder Rifle Club has an estimated seven-year wait (according to group websites), they realized there was a market for a new range.