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  • Boulder raspberry a good shrub to grow in the foothills

    Many readers of this column have asked for suggestions on the best trees and shrubs to plant in landscaping their homes in this area. If you need large trees, there is nothing better than the native ponderosa pine, blue spruce and Douglas fir.

    However, the blue spruce and Douglas fir need a bit more water and do their best in a ravine on a north slope, while a ponderosa pine will grow on a south slope. All of these or any other trees will need extra water for the first two to three years until they become established.

  • Foothills Center for Spiritual Living opens in Evergreen

    The recently organized Foothills Center for Spiritual Living is holding services on Sunday mornings at Congregation Beth Evergreen on Bergen Peak Drive.

    Led by the Rev. Dr. Judy Morley, the transdenominational religious group is affiliated with the Centers for Spiritual Living, which is headquartered in Genesee.

    “We honor all paths to God. We are inclusive,” Morley said.

    At the Center for Spiritual Living, the emphasis is on unity, the oneness of life, said Morley.

  • Storage facility expansion prompts concerns about increased traffic

    Expansion plans for A Storage Place in El Rancho have led to concerns about increased traffic among residents of the Nob Hill subdivision.

    The storage facility is turning people away because of a lack of units, said manager Bryan Burton. There are currently 50 people on a waiting list to rents units, he said.

    To meet the increased demand, the company has purchased property off Nob Hill Road with plans to build approximately 200 additional units this summer. 

  • Park district negotiating with Denver on bridge replacement at Lake Park

    Evergreen park district staff and board members are working to reach an agreement with Denver to replace the aging bridge over Bear Creek at Evergreen Lake Park, the only vehicular access to the popular venue.

  • Jeffco Open Space chief discusses crowded parks

    Jeffco Open Space director Tom Hoby acknowledged the need to address the increased use of county parks at a forum last week in Golden: “We’re trying to enhance the visitor experience.” 

    Hoby said Open Space is developing webcams that would allow visitors to check availability at parking lots before driving to parks. 

    With more and more nature lovers visiting Open Space parks, many of them are becoming crowded — especially on weekends, he noted.

  • Lookout Mountain church wins long legal battle

    Members of Gateway on Mount Zion plan to expand their church building on Lookout Mountain in the future, after the Colorado Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from neighbors who oppose its growth.

    Activation Ministries International LLC — now called Gateway on Mount Zion — can build a church building up to 30,000 square feet in size; the current building is 9,000 square feet. Jeffco's county commissioners approved the expansion in 2012 on a 2-1 vote, but their decision was appealed to the courts.

  • Brother of local restaurant owner loses home in Nepal quake

    The brother of Beau Thai restaurant owner Anita Gurung lost his home in Saturday's earthquake in Nepal.

    A rock wall collapsed on one side of the home, which is located in the Gorkha district of Nepal near the earthquake's epicenter. Gurung's family members were unhurt, but many others were injured or killed in the devastation in both Gorkha and Dhading, the home region of Gurung's husband.

  • Rainy forecast leads to delay in connector trail work

    Installation of the bridge for the connector trail at Evergreen Lake dam has been delayed because of inclement weather forecast for this week.

    GoodLand Construction, contractor for the project, is scheduled to resume work Monday night, May 11. The contractor is planning full nighttime closures of Highway 74 between Upper Bear Creek Road and Highway 73 from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. May 11-13. On May 13, one eastbound lane is scheduled to be closed from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Taking up the challenge

    ABC’s "Extreme Weight Loss" coach Bruce Pitcher took a unique firefighter fitness challenge at Evergreen Fire/Rescue on Monday.

    He passed with flying colors.

    Pitcher finished up the tough, local challenge in 1:54 minutes, a few seconds under the cut-off time of 2 minutes considered “really good” by Evergreen Fire/Rescue volunteer firefighters.
    The fire department-sponsored challenge on Monday was followed by a dinner, and Pitcher was the featured speaker.

  • Indian Hills Fire working to recoup funds from truck purchase

    The Indian Hills Fire Protection District could soon recover some of the $327,000 it is owed by the California-based company that failed to deliver a fire truck the district purchased in 2012. 

    A process server is attempting to collect the money from Fire Trucks Plus owner Paul Batista, according to an April e-mail to district board members from a California law firm.