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  • Suspect arrested in axe attack

    A 46-year-old man was arrested Tuesday evening near Pine after allegedly injuring another man with an axe.

    According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, deputies responded to a disturbance involving an axe at a campground in the 20600 block of Redskin Creek Road in Pine. Curtis Clark was ultimately arrested and booked into the Jeffco Jail on first-degree assault, attempted first-degree assault and felony menacing charges.

  • Bucking the fear and insecurity

    EVERGREEN — To Casey Colletti, family and rodeo has been everything. Five years ago, it was almost taken away from him.

    A bareback rider out of Pueblo, 33-year-old Colletti had seen his fair share of injuries when, in 2014, he suffered partial paralysis in his left arm due to a spinal cord injury. His doctor told him he would never ride again. If he stepped off a curb wrong, it could result in much more widespread paralysis.

    Miraculously, a year and a half later, he found himself back on the bucking horse, his arm fully and inexplicably healed.

  • Husky boaters wow on water

    Throughout its 17-plus-hour race along the coastline of Washington state at the start of June, the Platte Canyon High School yacht club searched for a light in the darkness.

    The Huskies got a little help from the ocean wildlife to guide them to a 23rd-place finish in the 70-mile Seventy48 boat race that hosted 109 teams.

    With every stroke of their paddles, they stirred up bioluminescent algae that lit their path overnight.

  • Rodeo is all about family

    EVERGREEN — When it comes to rodeo, there’s no place like a cowboy’s home grounds.

    For 23-year-old Brandon Olson out of Franktown, the Evergreen rodeo gave him his start in what’s become a family affair.

    “It’s a good local rodeo to go to. Shoot, it’s only like an hour and a half from my house. It’s one we’ve always gone to. I actually filled my permit on this rodeo about four years ago,” Olson said.

  • Athletes, coaches rake in awards

    After an illustrious athletic year for many of the south Jeffco schools, three earned impressive awards to end the school year — both individual and as athletic programs.

    Evergreen, Columbine and Dakota Ridge represented their student bodies well.


  • Romberg: ‘de-Brucing’ is right thing for county, state

    Most Coloradans know that TABOR, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, is a constitutional amendment that requires voter approval to increase taxes. While that provision has significantly changed how governments operate, another part of the amendment that limits spending based upon a formula of population and inflation has resulted in more significant restrictions on government operations.

  • Rohrer: The quiet branch of government – the judiciary

    I recently read the “The Chief,” a book about Chief Justice John Roberts. The book gave a real insight into the current Supreme Court judges as well as many who helped mold this conservative’s career. He clerked for conservative judges Henry Friendly and William Rehnquist. He took positions in the Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations. As the Chief Justice, he is dedicated to protecting the idea that the court is above politics.

  • Winding down their prep careers

    By Steve Smith

    For the Courier

    ALAMOSA — Evergreen’s Parker Leek had the same reaction as others did to four days with some of the state’s best football players.

    He called it “enlightening.”

    “Getting to play with all the best kids in Colorado,” he said, “you think you’re the top dog, and (then) you come out here. It’s fairly humbling. You’re definitely not. There are some really good kids out here.”

  • Generations: Evergreen Christian Church: Envisioning a bright future

    This column will be different from other Generations columns because it will focus on exciting changes taking place in a local institution, through the sharings of two of our area senior citizens. I was fortunate recently to sit with Bob Cooper and Nancy Arsenault of Evergreen Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.

  • Rohrer: Millennials are the future of America … I’m OK with that

    Every now and then, I get an e-mail that makes fun of millennials by depicting them as clueless and self-absorbed. I hate those references because it seems wrong to define people by some arbitrary grouping.

    I don’t like being labeled old, left-handed or a has-been although all are true. We all like to be judged by who we are versus some label.