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  • County briefs

    Jeffco to allow fire safety signs on county roads

    Jefferson County plans to allow fire safety signs in county rights-of-way after a request from Evergreen Fire/Rescue.

  • Espiritu Alpacas is a haven for animals and people alike

    When Habib first came to Espiritu Alpacas, it took some time for him to settle in with the other animals.

    But in a month’s time, the alpaca frolicked freely without a care in the world save for the grass and grain he munched on.

  • Glass: The Columbine question

    Earlier this month, we asked an important question of the Jeffco community: should we do something different with Columbine High School?

    Specifically, we put forth a preliminary proposal to rebuild a new high school west of the current site. The Hope Columbine library, which was constructed after the 1999 tragedy, would be retained, as would the Columbine High School name and traditions.

    Since asking this question of the community, more questions have come forth about the proposal. One of those is why now? There are three primary reasons.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Next-door nemesis

  • On the Move; Nature – A place for renewal

    I recently got the gift of a nice hike on Mason Creek and Bear Paw to the Pikes Peak Overlook at Staunton State Park. For me, it’s especially poignant because I had an extensive surgery on May 24, and I had to go a period without exercise.

    It was such a gift to be in nature and physically capable of hiking up there. It makes the sound of Mason Creek and the views that much more special.

  • Greene: The price is right at a Colorado SNOTEL

    Any discussion of water just about always means addressing drought. After all, Colorado was in one for 19 years. It’s not surprising that water is a big deal in the United States and has been the impetus behind the creation of a dizzying array of organizations with brain-numbing acronyms.

  • Two-car accident shuts down I-70

    A two-car accident closed westbound Interstate 70 near Genesee on Thursday. 

    A mini-van and Subaru Impreza caught fire in the accident, which happened just after 10 a.m. It is continuing to snarl traffic on the highway. Trooper Gary Cutler with the Colorado State Patrol said initial reports indicated that there were no injuries, but a later report said there were possible injuries.

    I-70 is closed on the westbound side, and cars are being directed to exit at mile marker 256 and get back on the highway past the bridge at Genesee, Cutler said. 

  • Suspect arrested in ax attack

    A 46-year-old man was arrested on June 18 near Pine after allegedly injuring another man with an ax.

    According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, at 6:45 p.m. on June 18, deputies responded to a disturbance involving an ax at a campground in the 20600 block of Redskin Creek Road in Pine. Curtis Clark was ultimately arrested and booked into the Jeffco Jail on first-degree assault, attempted first-degree assault and felony menacing charges.

  • Tiny Town attracts visitors tall and small

    Nowadays, tiny homes are all the rage, but you haven’t seen a real tiny home — or a tiny business or a tiny school or a tiny jail — until you’ve been to Tiny Town.

    Tiny Town on South Turkey Creek Road is everything a town should be but in miniature at a scale of between one-sixth and one-twelfth of a full-size building. The attraction has been delighting visitors tall and small since 1915.

  • Finding a common thread: People Comforters a fabric in community

    Imagine making 10,000 quilts.

    That is a feat a nonprofit called People Comforters has done for the past 30 years. The group meets three times a week at the Seniors’ Resource Center in Evergreen to cut and sew fabric into quilts with every pattern imaginable.

    There’s a room in the SRC dedicated to the group, and it’s a quilter’s paradise. Two of the walls are lined with bolts of fabric, and there are four sewing machines. Just outside the door is an ironing board.