Today's News

  • Clean windows could mean an owl or two

    Last Wednesday was fairly warm and spring-like during the morning hours. However, as is so often the case, it foretold of snow to come.

    The lake has been slowly opening. An ever-widening inlet and a delicate curve of open shallow water along the north shore and between the inlet and the Lake House have made every day seem more spring like, even though it refroze every night. For a few nights now, it hasn’t frozen, so the warm days accomplished a bit more melt. This was enough to tip the Rotary club barrel into the lake, which made many people happy.

  • Local PFLAG contemplates a 15-year history of helping

    There’s no question that America’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities have achieved significant social and legal gains since the first formal meeting of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays was held in New York more than 35 years ago. All the same, few would argue that significant antagonism toward non-traditional gender roles no longer exists.

  • Quail Forever takes flight in Colorado

    “The people asked, and He sent them quail ee”

    — Psalm 105:40

  • Easy Living magazine honors memory of Brad Bradberry

    Former Evergreen Newspapers publisher Brad Bradberry spent his last months on Earth working to launch a magazine for people suffering from the very disease that took his life. In recognition of Bradberry’s remarkable courage, optimism and generosity of spirit, the publishers of Easy Living Magazine have dedicated the latest issue of their glossy quarterly in his honor.

  • Runners carve out top times

    DENVER — It’s easy to get lost at an event the size of the Mullen Runners Roost.

    The Cougars did their best to stand out.

  • Get rough and tumble with rugby

    CONIFER — Break your opponent, then break bread together.

    That, in a nutshell, describes the scene one would view if attending a high school Rugby game.

  • Marshdale to bid three longtime teachers farewell

    Come summer, when Marshdale Elementary School’s fifth-grade class graduates to another stage of life, they’ll be joined by three of the elementary school’s most-beloved teachers.

    Between them, Joan Shilling, Susan Courtney and Sally Brant will bid a fond adieu to 77 years of book reports, Elmer’s glue and shiny gold stars, and say hello to some well-earned rest and recreation.

  • Montessori kids raise money for wounded GIs

    April 6’s inaugural Spring Fling celebration at the Montessori campus in Marshdale was more than just good fun. It was good fun for a good cause.

  • Littleton votes to increase sewer rates outside city

    The Littleton City Council voted by a narrow margin to raise fees 20 percent, or $30 a year, for sewer treatment plant users outside the city and zero percent for ones inside the city limits.

    The decision will affect homeowners in areas of unincorporated South Jeffco despite the fact that they have no representation on the Littleton council.

    The council also voted to raise tap fees for builders inside the city from $2,500 to $5,000 and outside the city from $2,828 to $5,656, except for projects that have site plans approved by Oct. 15.

  • Fire district mail-in ballots ready for early birds

    Although the main event is a polling-place election on May 6, mail-in ballots for this year’s election of the board of directors of the Evergreen Fire Protection District are available beginning this week.

    Mailing in a ballot as opposed to waiting until Election Day is a good way to avoid the possibility of long lines at the polling places.

    Registered voters who wish to obtain a mail-in ballot must first obtain a request form by calling the district offices at 303-674-3145 or by visiting the headquarters in person at 1802 Bergen Parkway.