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  • Wines in the Woods set Oct. 25

    The wine list is ready, the glasses are polished, and Liz Shanks is ready to serve as the genial host for a party that is a highlight of the fall season in Evergreen.

    The party, of course, is the eighth annual Wines in the Woods fund-raiser Oct. 25 sponsored by the Evergreen Rotary Club, and Shanks will chair this year’s event at the Pines in Genesee.

  • Q and A with Don Ytterberg, R-Evergreen, candidate for Senate District 16

    How much money have you raised from donors as of (give date)?

    As of 9/30/08, total raised from donors: $33,400

    How much of your own money have you contributed?

    As of 9/30/08, personal funds contributed: $18,200

    Who and what organization (if any) are your top contributors in terms of dollars donated?

    As of 9/30/08, all contributions have come from individual donors except $1,000 from the Evergreen Republican clubs ($600) and one trade association ($400).

    What conditions would you require to vote to make a wider I-70 from Floyd Hill to Frisco?

  • Grassroots at Java Groove

    In the realm of grassroots politics, it doesn’t get much more grassroots than “soabox night” at Java Groove in Evergreen.

    You can hear the candidates, the candidates’ representatives, and just plain voters. And you can even get up and hear yourself talk.

    The organizer of the event brought a custom-designed soapbox — a portable platform, lined with gray shag carpet — that served the appointed purpose in style.

  • Bane claims illegal immigrant delivered McCasky campaign fliers

    An illegal immigrant from Mexico was hired to distribute campaign literature for Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey and Commissioner Kevin McCasky, according to McCasky’s Democratic challenger.

  • McCasky, Mink eye federal program to make deputies part of immigrations enforcement

    Jeffco Commissioner Kevin McCasky and Sheriff Ted Mink are eyeing a federal program that would train sheriff’s deputies at the jail to identify illegal immigrants and begin paperwork to put them before an immigration judge.

    Currently deputies have to call federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents if they suspect someone in the jail is in the country illegally. ICE officials are strapped for resources and can't always pickup the suspected illegal immigrant, so they sometimes bond out of jail and aren't seen again.

  • Ritter endorses Scripter for House District 25

    Political leaders from around Colorado converged on Jefferson County on Oct. 2 to endorse Andrew Scripter, who is running for the state House in District 25. Headlining the night were Gov. Bill Ritter, Congressman Ed Perlmutter and state House Majority Whip Andy Kerr.

    Scripter, 37, is a businessman running on a platform to help improve Colorado’s economy. His plan includes supporting small and local businesses with tax breaks, and investing in green energy technology, which will create jobs for Coloradans.

    Ritter lauded Scripter’s business experience.

  • Mechanical woes mean ups and downs for Evergreen pilot at air races

    RENO, Nev. — Evergreen pilot John Penney battled mechanical troubles while defending his Unlimited Class championship at the National Championship Air Races in September.

    Penney’s plane, Rare Bear, a highly modified WWII-era Bearcat fighter, had been given a new electronic ignition system, but it didn't work as well as hoped, and the old magneto system had to be re-installed the weekend before the competition.

  • District: Tax hike, bond critical to education

    With the economy on shaky ground, November is shaping up as a difficult time to ask for more money for Jefferson County Schools, but district officials are optimistic that voters will come through with the same enthusiasm they demonstrated four years ago.

    The district is asking for a $350 million bond issue to replace the bonds that are being paid off, plus a 4.4-mill increase in property tax, for $34 million a year in revenue, or an $88-a-year tax increase for a $250,000 house.

  • King-Murphy moving full speed toward IB certification

    King-Murphy is moving forward quickly with implementing an International Baccalaureate program and will start testing the curriculum next semester. But amid a budget crisis, it's in doubt whether the rest of the district will be able to keep up.

    Meanwhile, some district leaders fear that if the program is not implemented across the board, it could leave some students behind. Others are asking if the district can afford the high cost of IB while facing the largest budget crunch in the district's history.

  • 'Night Watch' gives audiences the willies

    It’s a chilly October night. Leaves blow outside, and shadows flit across a darkened stage. Or were they only shadows? Creaks and groans fill Center/Stage. Is it just the old building settling? Or is something lurking across the way?

    There’s nothing better than a cold autumn evening to set the mood for a suspense thriller. And there’s nothing better than the Evergreen Players’ latest production of “Night Watch” to leave you looking over your shoulder with fear and delight.