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  • New sheriff's substation on back burner

    Signs of activity on property designated for a sheriff’s substation in Marshdale are not what they seem, a spokesperson for Jefferson County said this week.

    Heavy equipment and construction trailers at the location near the Bistro Restaurant belong to a contractor building a roundabout at a nearby intersection and to Jefferson County Highways and Transportation engineers who are overseeing that project.

    “The contractor is simply using that area to stage his equipment and materials,” said resident engineer Dixie Shear.

  • Coffee entrepreneur takes business on the road

    As a mom with two athletic kids in Evergreen schools, Kristin Heidenfelder spent a lot of time at lacrosse games looking at other people standing around with coffee and beverage cups in hand.

    “Wouldn’t it be a cool moneymaking idea to bring the coffee drinks to the spectators?” Heidenfelder thought. She bought a truck, quit her at-home job as a medical transcriptionist, and is now the owner of Evergreen Espresso, a traveling beverage business.

  • Trailblazer Stadium undergoing renovations

    Natural beauty has its limitations. Trailblazer Stadium is no different.

    The stadium, located in Lakewood, is undergoing a $1 million upgrade this summer and will become the first Jefferson County district field with a synthetic surface when it reopens August 28.

  • Cheer for their spirit

    Tammy Dufford just did what she knew in her heart to be right.

    Now she realizes just how many other people’s hearts she has touched.

  • School district seeks funds for building upgrades, educational needs

    Taxpayers in Jefferson County will be asked to decide this fall whether to allow the school district to issue $323 million to $350 million in debt and assess taxpayers between $32 million and $36 million a year.

    The district is proposing a two-part program — the bond issue and a “mill levy override.” The mill levy override is an increase in the mill levy, above and beyond what taxpayers have previously approved.

    The mill levy override would cost a homeowner about $3.35 a month for each $100,000 of assessed valuation.

  • Turning up the heat in the polar bear debate

    Hannah Hayes

  • Bobolinks not popular with rice farmers

    On Thursday morning, May 15, the birds at Evergreen Lake were awakened by the robust, rollicking song, “bob-o-link, bob-o-link, spink, spank, spink.” Words cannot do justice to the jubilant, bubbling sound of the bobolink. It is a loud explosion of exuberant joy, sung during migration and heard even more once they are on their breeding grounds. They sing on the wing, flying horizontally above the grasses in the fields where they nest.

  • New Shanghai restaurant closes after 31 years

    New Shanghai restaurant, an Evergreen landmark for more than 30 years, closed its doors forever Saturday, May 24.

    Jim Lui became owner of New Shanghai in 2002 after he bought out his partner and brother-in-law, Bill Hsu, who moved to California.

    New Shanghai was known for its authentic Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine and its homemade sauces.

    New Shanghai becomes the second longtime Evergreen eatery to close in recent months, a result of intensifying competition. Stroh’s Restaurant and Saloon downtown closed Feb. 24 after 26 years.

  • Forbes, Spinzig card top-10 finishes at state

    Evergreen girls golf coach Mike Kuzava felt like something was missing.


  • Cougars start summer season off with a bang

    Baseball is full of unique terms and acronyms such as the somewhat dubious PTBNL – player to be named later.