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  • Rohrer: Millennials are the future of America … I’m OK with that

    Every now and then, I get an e-mail that makes fun of millennials by depicting them as clueless and self-absorbed. I hate those references because it seems wrong to define people by some arbitrary grouping.

    I don’t like being labeled old, left-handed or a has-been although all are true. We all like to be judged by who we are versus some label.

  • Romberg: CU Regents didn’t do us any favors

    We’ve got to hope that if they could do it over again, members of the University of Colorado Board of Regents would’ve named more than one presidential finalist.

    Forget that it takes a cynical interpretation of a law that says if three or fewer people meet the minimum qualifications for a job that all of them must be identified as finalists to justify that there are no finalists until three or fewer people are under consideration when the law makes no statement about how many people constitute finalists.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Dye hard

  • Medlen School Days offers window into mountain school life

    The antique iron school desk first caught Reegan Kern’s eye.

    “My grandma told me a little bit about them, and I was kind of amazed ’cause, like, they don’t have desks like this anymore,” the 8-year-old said.

  • Senior Law Day a source of information for seniors, caregivers

    People flocked to the Jeffco Courts and Administration Building on Saturday for the ninth annual Senior Law Day.

    The event offers seniors, caregivers, family members and other affected parties an opportunity to learn about estate planning, end-of-life planning, identity theft, scams and other aging-related issues. Participants could attend workshops, consult with an attorney, and eat breakfast and lunch.

  • Bills signed into law at West Jeff

    A bill that will provide local school districts the ability to individualize accountability systems officially became law on Monday morning.

    The bill signing at West Jefferson Elementary School marked what could have been the first time a law went into effect at the school.

    “Have laws ever been made here before?” Gov. Jared Polis asked.

    “It’s the first I know of,” said West Jeff principal Wendy Woodland.

  • State of the Arts: Check out Center Stage’s lobby remodel

    A facelift to the lobby at Center Stage in Evergreen will be unveiled at a community event from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday.

    Called the Ovation Celebration after the theater’s owner, Ovation West, the event will include music, refreshments and cameo performances by troupes that use the facility.

    “We figured it would be a cool thing to do an event built around the unveiling of the lobby,” said Ovation West Executive Director Susan Kramer.

  • Residential addiction recovery center planned in Evergreen

    A Conifer resident has purchased the former Basecamp on Buffalo Park Road to turn it into a residential community for those in addiction recovery — tailoring the program primarily to veterans.

  • Sculpture Walk enjoys anniversary with a dozen new pieces in Evergreen

    Saturday morning was quiet in Evergreen as teams of workers fanned out to install this year’s new sculptures for the Evergreen Sculpture Walk.

    Sculptors, welders and helpers got to work at 8 a.m., and by 11 a.m., 12 new sculptures of all shapes and sizes officially became part of the walk, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

    Those 12 sculptures join the 37 permanent sculptures that grace Evergreen and Bergen Park.

  • BIZBEAT: Castles and Kitchens finds permanent spot

    Castles and Kitchens was buzzing Saturday, and the scent of flaky spanakopita, buttery pies and crispy empanadas wafted through the kitchen.

    The business last weekend celebrated its grand opening in its permanent location in the Staples shopping center off U.S. 285. Though it began a little more than a year ago, renting a showroom kitchen and hosting in-home classes, Castles and Kitchens soon outgrew that business model.

    “Soon after we started in the showroom, we realized we would love to have our own space,” said co-owner Fran Arniotes.