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  • Indian Hills Fire trains for mass casualty incident

    A cold, foggy morning made the perfect backdrop for a grim emergency rescue training exercise.

    The training, held Saturday in the field across Parmalee Gulch Road from Indian Hills Fire Rescue, was meant to simulate a mass casualty. There was a school bus, borrowed from Jeffco Public Schools, a group of “injured” Cub Scouts and neighborhood kids, a team of Indian Hills firefighters and paramedics, and dozens of parents watching.

  • Columbine 20th anniversary: Lessons learned

    It’s been 20 years since two gunmen entered Columbine High School, killing 13 people, injuring dozens more and leaving a community and a school struggling to find a way forward.

    But in those 20 years, the surviving students and staff, as well as the family and friends of those lost, have worked tirelessly to reclaim the space and show that hope and healing are possible.

  • Care for the Earth all about fun, education — and Neffy the goat

    Many activities kept kids busy and learning at the Care for the Earth Fair on Saturday, but none was quite as popular as Neffy.

    Neffy, a 3-month-old Nubian goat, walked among the booths with her owner Lori Tigner with Westfarm Goats in Morrison. Neffy was born three months premature, so Tigner hand-raised her in the house.

    “She a house goat,” Tigner said as she showed Neffy to attendees. Her full name is Nefertari, which means “beautiful companion.”

  • Evergreen baseball shuts down the Rams

    LAKEWOOD — Hitting can be contagious when it comes to high school baseball, and the Evergreen Cougars utilized that strategy to win out during their first league game at Green Mountain on April 9.

    From start to finish, the Cougars put on a clinic as they defeated the Rams 16-5. The game ended after six innings after the mercy rule was implemented.

  • Columbine 20th anniversary: Retired schools communications team member recalls tragedy

    Marilyn Saltzman vividly remembers the events of April 20, 1999, and the aftermath — and says she learned lessons in all aspects of her life from the experience.

    “It was a life-changing experience in terms of my career and personally,” said the 71-year-old Conifer resident, who was part of Jeffco Public Schools communications team. “The pain subsides, but the impact lasts forever. I’ve seen the goodness in people and the horrors.”

  • Columbine 20th anniversary: Tragedy altered security procedures

    Columbine High School doesn’t look like it did 20 years ago. Then again, most schools in the country don’t.

    Main entrances often have cameras and intercoms to buzz in visitors, and a security desk sits just inside the door. Many now have school resource officers.

    John McDonald, the executive director of Jeffco Public Schools’ school safety department, recalled how seeing a police car in front of a school 20 years ago was a source of drama and concern for parents and students alike. Now, it’s a normal and sometimes welcome sight.

  • Plans still unclear regarding D’Evelyn sixth-grade transition

    While district-wide discussions about a sixth-grade transition at D’Evelyn Jr./Sr. High School and Dennison Elementary have been ongoing for months, the Jeffco school board has yet to determine how to proceed.

    Members of a task force comprised of faculty and parent representatives from both D’Evelyn and its feeder school Dennison Elementary as well as district representatives initially came before the board in January with a plan to transition sixth-grade students out of Dennison and into D’Evelyn.

  • Suspect charged with first-degree murder in Brinson's death

    The man arrested last week in connection with the death of Joseph Michael Brinson has been charged with first-degree murder.

    Blake Alan Quinlan, 18, was arrested and booked into the Jefferson County Jail on April 4. He is being held without bond and will return to court for a May 6 hearing in which a preliminary hearing will be scheduled.

  • Firefighters aid deer who fell through the ice on Evergreen Lake

    Evergreen firefighters made a water rescue at Evergreen Lake Saturday morning — not of a person or a pet, but a young deer.

    The deer fell through the ice on the southeast end of the lake above the dam, and a woman who was jogging around the lake at about 7:30 a.m. called 911. About 15 firefighters responded, with two putting on their ice-rescue gear to climb into the frigid water to help the wild animal.

  • Cadets learn about aviation, emergency response

    As the sun began its evening descent behind the Front Range, dozens of camouflaged cadets took to the lawn of Waterstone Community Church with radios in hand.

    The cadets, all members of the Dakota Ridge squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, spent much of Monday evening learning to communicate via radio in preparation for an upcoming event in which they’ll be assisting with parking and security. But that is just a fraction of what the group learns through CAP.