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  • Soda Creek couple recognized for tree farming accomplishments

    Jim Norton is turning pine logs into square posts with his hydraulic saw while working outdoors on a crisp afternoon.


    Standing nearby is his wife, Vicki, who is helping her husband with his venture as a tree farmer, custom sawmill operator and furniture maker.

    The Nortons live on 48 acres of family property in Soda Creek that has been their home for many years. For the past year, Jim and Vicki have been using the forest to establish a new business that they hope will become a thriving enterprise.

  • Rising from the ashes: For couple who lost home in Lower North Fork Fire, recovery comes slowly

    Editor’s note: The Courier profiled Kristen Moeller and David Cottrell, who lost their home in the Lower North Fork Fire, at the beginning of April. We have checked on their progress six months after the disaster.

    One step forward and two steps back.

    That’s the best way to describe the past six months for Kristen Moeller and David Cottrell, who lost their home in the Lower North Fork Fire. Moeller says they still have good and bad days after the devastating fire, which started six months ago today.

  • Romney to Jeffco audience: It's time for a new course

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School in Jefferson County on Sunday evening to promote a plan that he says will help create millions of jobs and get the economy back on track.

    Before a crowd of about 7,500 people, Romney touted his credentials as a businessman who understands that entrepreneurship is fundamental to America’s economic success.

  • Fire destroys home on Buffalo Park Road

    A home on Buffalo Park Road was destroyed by fire on Thursday afternoon.

    Evergreen firefighters saw smoke rising from an area near the home about noon and responded before the fire station received a 911 call from a neighbor, said Doug Saba, Evergreen Fire/Rescue spokesman.

    The resident, who was not identified, was not home when the fire started from undetermined causes, Saba said. She returned while firefighters were working at the scene.

  • Macy integrates technology into lesson plan

    Evergreen English teacher Travis Macy likes putting a little spice in his teaching.

    He wants his teaching to have his flavor, and he feels his job is to make education not just relevant, but real for students. He does that by integrating technology into his high school classroom.

    On Saturday, he was one of two Jeffco high school teachers honored with a My Teacher My Hero award. Macy is the first EHS teacher to receive the award, which has been given by the Jefferson Foundation for 10 years.

  • Milan’s art infused with spirit of the Southwest

    Spend any time in the Southwest, and you will become enamored with the bold colors that surround and envelop you. A trip to New Mexico overflows with bursts of turquoise, the rich hues of a sun-streaked sky, or the audacious adornments of Native American festival garb. Perhaps it was these rainbows of color that inspired Steve and Jenni Sonnen to surround themselves with Southwestern art when they opened the doors of Mirada Fine Art in Indian Hills. Perhaps it was the work of contemporary painter Pablo Milan.

  • Middle school grins and bears a bear

    A young black bear decided to hang out at Evergreen Middle School on Sept. 11, prompting the school to lock its doors and keep students inside all day. Stingers Soccer also canceled after-school practices on the EMS fields.

  • Parmalee to walk down memory lane during 50th birthday party

    Fifty years ago, Indian Hills wasn’t much different than it is today. Sure, there are more businesses, houses and traffic now, but the sense of community is still there.

    Fifty years ago, Parmalee Elementary School opened its doors, and since then the school hasn’t change much either. Two of Parmalee’s alums took a school tour Sept. 13 and reminisced about their time there in anticipation of the school’s 50th birthday party.

  • Don’t forget: There’s a war going on

    Here in America, we like the news. Our national press generously treats us to salacious details of Prince Harry’s escapade in Las Vegas, or the seemingly endless traffic travails of Lindsay Lohan. We’re at no loss for commentary on Britney Spears’ X-Factor judging style, or endless analysis of LeBron James’ fourth-quarter playing style.

  • Bugling elk a staple of area’s unpredictable September

    September is such an unpredictable month. It is a lovely end of summer with warm sunny days and cool nights. It is gray cold days with scattered showers. It often brings the first snow, which usually melts the next day, as well as our first frost. It wants to be summer, but winter is pushing at the door so hard that it will soon be in, whether we like it or not.