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  • Senior Law Day a source of information for seniors, caregivers

    People flocked to the Jeffco Courts and Administration Building on Saturday for the ninth annual Senior Law Day.

    The event offers seniors, caregivers, family members and other affected parties an opportunity to learn about estate planning, end-of-life planning, identity theft, scams and other aging-related issues. Participants could attend workshops, consult with an attorney, and eat breakfast and lunch.

  • JCSO searching for suspect accused of assault at Red Rocks

    The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a woman during the showing of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre on May 28.

    Between 9:30 to 10 p.m., the woman, who hasn’t been identified, went to the lower level restroom on the north side of the amphitheater, according to information from the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office. A man followed her into the women’s restroom and attempted to sexually assault her. When other people entered the bathroom, the woman escaped.

  • On the Move: Take care of your body – it’s a gift

    As a cancer survivor, I look at a fully functioning body without disease as truly a gift. This gift does so much for us on a constant basis, often flawlessly. Think of all the things that have to go right just to take a step. How do you treat yours?

    It’s important to treat this gift as best as you can to maximize its performance, health and efficiency. Sometimes we put our health last on the list of to-do’s when we really should put it as a top priority.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Dye hard

  • Glass: The Columbine question

    Earlier this month, we asked an important question of the Jeffco community: should we do something different with Columbine High School?

    Specifically, we put forth a preliminary proposal to rebuild a new high school west of the current site. The Hope Columbine library, which was constructed after the 1999 tragedy, would be retained, as would the Columbine High School name and traditions.

    Since asking this question of the community, more questions have come forth about the proposal. One of those is why now? There are three primary reasons.

  • On the Move; Nature – A place for renewal

    I recently got the gift of a nice hike on Mason Creek and Bear Paw to the Pikes Peak Overlook at Staunton State Park. For me, it’s especially poignant because I had an extensive surgery on May 24, and I had to go a period without exercise.

    It was such a gift to be in nature and physically capable of hiking up there. It makes the sound of Mason Creek and the views that much more special.

  • Greene: The price is right at a Colorado SNOTEL

    Any discussion of water just about always means addressing drought. After all, Colorado was in one for 19 years. It’s not surprising that water is a big deal in the United States and has been the impetus behind the creation of a dizzying array of organizations with brain-numbing acronyms.

  • Bucking the fear and insecurity

    EVERGREEN — To Casey Colletti, family and rodeo has been everything. Five years ago, it was almost taken away from him.

    A bareback rider out of Pueblo, 33-year-old Colletti had seen his fair share of injuries when, in 2014, he suffered partial paralysis in his left arm due to a spinal cord injury. His doctor told him he would never ride again. If he stepped off a curb wrong, it could result in much more widespread paralysis.

    Miraculously, a year and a half later, he found himself back on the bucking horse, his arm fully and inexplicably healed.

  • Husky boaters wow on water

    Throughout its 17-plus-hour race along the coastline of Washington state at the start of June, the Platte Canyon High School yacht club searched for a light in the darkness.

    The Huskies got a little help from the ocean wildlife to guide them to a 23rd-place finish in the 70-mile Seventy48 boat race that hosted 109 teams.

    With every stroke of their paddles, they stirred up bioluminescent algae that lit their path overnight.

  • Rodeo is all about family

    EVERGREEN — When it comes to rodeo, there’s no place like a cowboy’s home grounds.

    For 23-year-old Brandon Olson out of Franktown, the Evergreen rodeo gave him his start in what’s become a family affair.

    “It’s a good local rodeo to go to. Shoot, it’s only like an hour and a half from my house. It’s one we’ve always gone to. I actually filled my permit on this rodeo about four years ago,” Olson said.