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  • School board seeks Chowdhury’s resignation in wake of guilty plea

    Jeffco school board member and state House candidate Vince Chowdhury should resign his board position after pleading guilty to a charge stemming from accusations that he choked and slapped his 16-year-old daughter, the school board said July 8.

    Chowdhury, 48, pleaded guilty to third-degree assault July 8 in Jefferson County Court. A harassment charge and a charge for violating a protective order were dismissed. Chowdhury was given a supervised, one-year deferred sentence and ordered to complete anger management and parenting classes.

  • Rodeo Parade winners

    The winning entries in the Evergreen Rodeo Parade on June 14 were: Youth Division: first, Cub Scout Pack No. 50; second, Evergreen High School Cheerleaders; third, Jefferson County 4-H Livestock Council. Non-Commercial, Adult: first, Mountain High Christian Center; second, Evergreen Animal Protective League; third, Jefferson County Public Library drill team. Commercial, Adult: first, Evergreen National Bank; second, Canyon Courier; third, Square Deal Riding Center. Judges’ Crowd Pleaser, Evergreen High School Poms.

  • Longtime postal worker recalls 34 years of Evergreen faces

    Does every community have a center? A convenient hub where its citizens and their diverse personal and public interests converge? A single point where daily snapshots of a whole town’s unfolding history are available live and in color?

  • Mixed signals: Mountain residents not receiving DTV broadcasts

    Free television reception could be a thing of the past for some mountain area residents when analog TV signals stop emanating from Lookout Mountain in February 2009 and the switch to digital signals is complete.

    In fact, some mountain residents who have already installed digital converters are failing to get the digital signals, because a new DTV antenna on Lookout Mountain is not broadcasting in our direction.

  • Local filmmaker making Evergreen movie magic

    At last, somebody’s going to show those myopic New York studio executives and SoCal-centric Hollywood producers what folks here in Colorado’s fly-over foothills have known all along.

    Evergreen has star quality.

  • No accord reached in tae kwon do tussle

    Martial arts instructor Tom Spratt is eager to resume his class schedule at the Buchanan Recreation Center but has not been able to come to an agreement with the management of the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District.

    Spratt continues to teach classes at Wulf Recreation Center.

    Spratt said he wants the park district to cover the slate tile at the Buchanan center with padded material to make the room safer for the kids.

  • Community delivers fond farewells to postmaster

    A notebook filled with farewell comments from local residents summed up the recent departure of the Indian Hills postmaster, who had served that community for 11 years.

    To keep the tributes a secret, residents took turns writing in the notebook across the street from the post office at the Basecamp Caf. But postmaster J.B. (like the Scotch) Mulder (as in “The X Files”) still knew, because he knew just about everything that went on in Indian Hills.

    “We loved coming in, you always had a smile, we loved your sense of humor,” one local wrote.

  • Evergreen Nature Center shines at 'Under the Milky Way'

    Where were you last Friday when the stars came out over Evergreen? If you were smart, or lucky, or just crazy about the cosmos, you were among the happy constellation of sky-watchers that turned out at Evergreen Lake for “Under the Milky Way,” the most elevating hour of astronomy since Carl Sagan first made “globular clusters” a household phrase.

  • School board member arrested in alleged choking of daughter

    Vince Chowdhury, South Jeffco’s representative on the school board and a Democratic candidate for state House District 22, was arrested June 17 on suspicion of slapping and choking his 16-year-old daughter.

    Chowdhury, 48, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and harassment, and a protective order was issued prohibiting him from contacting his daughter or wife. He apparently then violated that order by sending his wife two e-mails after being released from jail.

  • Man attacked with beer bottle, ax and flashlight survives to tell tale

    An Evergreen man attacked with a 40-ounce beer bottle, an ax and a Maglite flashlight survived to tell his tale July 1.

    Emily Malcik, 35, was arrested about 1:30 a.m. July 1 after deputies responded to a burglary call in the 4600 block of Blue Spruce Road. Dispatch advised the deputies en route that a male and female had both called to say the incident was actually a fight. The woman initially said she hit the man, but then changed her story to say that he had hit himself with the beer bottle, the ax and the Maglite.