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  • Wuts^w/txtng?

    Once upon a time, adolescents were plagued by the thought of being grounded by their parents. Nowadays, it seems the worst possible punishment a parent can give is to take away their teenager’s cell phone.

  • Diabetes fund-raiser a true local gem

    Indeed, unless your precious trinket gets sucked into the garbage disposal or falls under a steamroller (it could happen), its value will last as long as its sparkle. Catch a few minutes of Antiques Road Show sometime if you don’t believe it.

  • 'Cigarette Bandit' pleads guilty

    A second participant in a theft ring dubbed by law enforcement as the “Cigarette Bandits” appeared April 1 in court and pled guilty. Eugenia Isabel Duran, 24, pled guilty to theft, a class three felony, and was sentenced to five years probation. Duran was ordered to pay $47,589 in restitution.

  • Transportation panel approves I-70 toll, kills Romer's bill


    Despite vocal opposition from the I-70 Coalition, the Colorado ski industry association, trucking lobbyists, a contractors association and the mountain communities, the state Senate's transportation committee on Thursday passed a bill to enact tolls on I-70.

  • Fire board cuts pay of 2 part-timers, adds benefits

    After questions were raised about their wages, the Evergreen Fire Protection District voted to reduce the pay of two director-level, permanent, part-time employees from $70 and $60 per hour with no benefits to $50 per hour with partial benefits. The board also voted unanimously at the special meeting March 21 to add pro-rated benefits for three other permanent, part-time employees, on a two-tiered schedule, one for employees who work from between 20 to 29 hours per week and the other for those working 30 to 40 hours per week.

  • 3 candidates throw hats in EPRD ring

    On May 6, folks living in the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District will be in an enviable position. They’ll be asked to select replacements for two outgoing EPRD board members from a field of three qualified contenders.

  • Evergreen Country Day's new home to be state of the art

    If most schoolchildren spend their spring days dreaming of summer, most of the children at Evergreen Country Day School will spend the coming summer days dreaming of fall.

  • Finding the light

    Craig Zablocki was 24 when a door slammed shut in his life, shutting out the light and leaving him lost in darkness.

    Darkness had been a realm outside of Craig’s experience. By every measurable standard, the Zablocki family was a typical, happy American family.

  • Local liquor stores nabbed in ID sting

    Just in time for the festive spring break season, two Evergreen liquor stores were cited for selling alcohol to a minor during a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office sting operation conducted March 19 and 20.

  • Building creates wall between neighbors

    Veronica Weins knew her neighbor in Columbine Hills was building a garage, but she didn’t know it was going to be a featureless, metal industrial box almost two stories tall and nearly as big as a house. So instead of a view of rooftops and treetops, as of November Weins has gazed at a very different vista. “It’s just so big that’s all we look at. It’s like a big wall there, and we used to be able to see way over to the next street,” said Weins, a retired corporate legal assistant in her 70s. Weins and her husband, Bob, live at 6319 W.