Local News

  • Recovering U.S. economy faces headwinds

    Numerous positives and negatives are present in the global economic outlook, but there are encouraging signs that the U.S. economy finally will be on the plus side in 2012, a US Bank vice president from Colorado Springs told members of the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce at a membership lunch on March 21 at Hiwan Golf Club.

  • Postal Service delays deliveries

    Due to road closures and emergency conditions as a result of the Lower North Fork Fire, the Postal Service announced it was suspending Tuesday deliveries to some 300 customers in the streets and neighborhoods on the list below.

    The mail for these addresses only will be held at the post office. If customers need their mail, they can come to the Conifer main post office, 9546 Dallman Road. All other mail deliveries out of Conifer will be made unless conditions change.

    Deliveries out of Pine and Buffalo Creek are not impacted.

    Black Bear Lane

  • Sawmill Fire contained after burning 50 acres

    A fire that broke out in a meadow along Grapevine Road at 3:45 p.m. Monday was 100 percent contained by noon Tuesday, and some 30 firefighters were engaged in a "mop-up" operation, said Fire Chief Brian Zoril with Foothills Fire and Rescue, which serves the Lookout Mountain area and I-70 to Evergreen.

    The Sawmill Fire, which burned about 50 acres, was about 3 miles south of I-70’s Lookout Mountain exit on ranch land. The cause of the fire is unknown. No structures were threatened, although the blaze grew rapidly in the high winds on Monday.

  • Lost dog found after five years on the lam

    An Evergreen woman is celebrating the miracle return of her 10-year-old cattle dog, Heidi, after the animal went missing from her yard five years ago.

    Janice Smith was so happy, she was weeping.

    "I don't recall ever having tears of joy. I never understood that. I was crying and laughing. She meant so much because she belonged to my dad," the owner said of the emotional reunion at a Walmart parking lot in Brighton.

  • Andrew Adamowski, candidate for board of Evergreen Park and Recreation District

    An outdoorsy former Eagle Scout who chops wood to heat his house all winter, Andrew Adamowski also has a bachelor's degree in landscape horticulture and a passion for the Evergreen lifestyle.

    He hopes to put his experience to work as a member of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District board. A resident of Hiwan Hills with two children, Finneghan, 5, and Kelsey, 3, Adamowski works in Englewood as a landscape manager with Shea Properties.

    He is married to Christine Adamowski, a runner who works two nights a week at the Wulf Recreation Center.

  • Ice Melt Barrel takes the plunge

    The Ice Melt Barrel on Evergreen Lake splashed into the water at 1:04:41 p.m. Saturday, March 24 — about two days later than last year. In the six years since the contest was inaugurated, the ice has melted as early as March 22 and as late as April 12.

    The $1,000 winner was Sophia Pallane, with a time of 12:57:42 p.m. Second place ($500) went to Fountaine Lentz, 12:55:59 p.m. Mike Hummell won third ($250) with a time of 1:17:06 p.m. Shawn Ellis won fourth ($125) with 12:49:31 p.m.

  • Evergreen firefighters rescue dog from pit near Kittredge

    A team of Evergreen Fire/Rescue firefighters saved a dog about 3:30 p.m. Monday after the animal fell into a 25-foot-deep pit near Troublesome Gulch Road and Highway 74 in Kittredge.

    The dog's owner, Gino Barone, was out walking in the woods on the side of the hill across from his house on Troublesome Gulch Road when his dog Chief bolted after a sound in the trees and disappeared.

  • Remaining evacuees return to homes as weather deals final blow to deadly Lower North Fork Fire

    With containment of the deadly Lower North Fork Fire at 100 percent and wetter weather answering the prayers of residents and firefighters, the remaining evacuated residents were headed back to their homes on Monday —a week after the wildfire brought fear and devastation to a massive area south of Conifer. 


    Kuehster Road, where the most damage was done, was open to residents only on Monday, Jeffco sheriff’s spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said. All pre-evacuation notices also were lifted April 2.

  • Flight student who died in Longmont crash was Evergreen resident

    An Evergreen man was one of two people who died Friday when two small planes collided over Longmont, published reports said.

    Edward Omohundro, 64, of Evergreen, a flight student, died along with instructor Ryan Brungardt when their single-engine Cessna crashed a mile south of Colorado 119. The plane had reportedly collided in midair with a single-engine Cessna 180.

  • Red-flag warning in effect in Jefferson County

    The National Weather Service issued a red-flag warning, citing low relative humidity (5 to 15 percent), from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday as the weather continued to be windy and unseasonably warm. Under the conditions, a single spark from a cigarette butt can start a wildfire, the weather service said.

    The warning was in effect for Jefferson and west Douglas counties above 6,000 feet; Larimer and Boulder counties between 6,000 and 9,000 feet; and parts of Gilpin, Clear Creek and northeast Park counties.