Local News

  • North Fork, Elk Creek responding to Deckers wildfire

    Firefighters are responding to a four-acre wildfire that broke out just after 1 p.m. on Friday in the 6800 block of Highway 67 on U.S. Forest Service Land.  Smoke is visible from the lookout and overlook on Highway 126, according to Channel 9. Winds are from 20 to 40 mph.  There are structures in the area but no mandatory evacuations. North Fork and Elk Creek fire departments are involved. 

  • Kids can come out of their shells at MOPS Hop

    MOPS is planning a Hop, and the group is hoping area kids jump at the chance to find some Easter eggs filled with nontraditional surprises.

    The Mothers of Preschoolers group that meets at Conference Baptist Church in Evergreen will host a community Easter egg hunt on Saturday and is hoping to welcome lots of kids and parents. 

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Julia Child’s red wine reduction

  • 42-acre addition proposed for Reynolds Park

    Jeffco Open Space will purchase 42 acres on Foxton Road as an addition to Reynolds Park, pending approval by the county commissioners.

    The Jefferson County Open Space Advisory Committee approved the staff proposal to buy the property from Willard Kent Faller Trust for $255,905.

    The decision came at a regular meeting of the committee March 1. The authorization approving negotiations was June 4, 2009.

  • End of the trail: NEAT obtains federal funding for sidewalk from Bergen Village to Bergen Elementary

    The federal Safe Routes to School grant program has awarded $250,000 to complete the last part of the NEAT trail from Bergen Village to Bergen Elementary along Sugarbush Drive.


    The 0.6-mile walkway is an extension of the existing NEAT trail, which starts at Evergreen Middle School.

    "We are so excited after 10 years of thinking about this and breaking it into pieces to get it done; it's something the whole NEAT team has been dreaming about," said Liz Cohen, president of the nonprofit North Evergreen Activity Trails.

  • Sister urges left-turn-on-green-arrow-only signal

    The sister of a woman who was seriously injured in a car accident March 14 is imploring authorities to put in a restricted left-turn signal at the intersection of Evergreen Parkway and Highway 103 (Squaw Pass Road.)

    Sandy Bruggeman of Evergreen believes there should be a left-turn-on-green-arrow-only light at the intersection where two cars collided, sending three people to the hospital. There is a green arrow, but left turns are allowed when the arrow is off and the green light is on.

  • Chimney fires continue to be threat

    Evergreen Fire/Rescue put out a fire at a two-story home at 4450 Upper Bear Creek Road on the afternoon of March 20.

    The blaze was caused by a buildup of unburned material in the top end of a circular metal flue attached to a wood-burning fireplace, said Doug Saba, spokesman for Evergreen Fire/Rescue.

    The call came in from a homeowner at 1:30 p.m. at the house about 5 miles west of Station 5 on Upper Bear Creek Road. The first crew arrived at 1:48 p.m. Flames were seen coming out of the chimney.

  • Park district sets nonprofit rental fees

    The park district unveiled on March 27 a "nonprofit organization/governmental agency rental pricing" chart that it hopes will reduce some of the mystery surrounding what it costs a nonprofit to rent a park-district building.

    Over the years, a lot of the pricing decisions have been made on an informal, handshake basis, leading some to question the fairness of the system.

  • How to help …

    People who want to help owners of the hundreds of homes evacuated in the Lower North Fork Fire can donate non-homemade food or bottled water to the Mountain Resource Center to help the nonprofit stock up for the needs to come.
    “People will start calling us once they’re able to get back into their homes (and) find out that their well water isn’t what they can drink right now,” said the MRC’s executive director, Sharon Schrage. “We will get the rush from people needing help in two or three more days.”

  • Jeffco again enacts fire ban

    Jefferson County has enacted a fire ban on selected portions of the county because of high fire danger, and fire restrictions already in place will continue.

    The fire ban applies to unincorporated areas west of C-470, west and south of the intersection of Wadsworth Boulevard and C-470, or west of Colorado 93.

    The ban, which applies to all unincorporated county land as well as a section of the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest off Brook Forest Road, will remain in effect indefinitely.