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  • Fire district board considers training-facility concessions to avert recall

     The Evergreen Fire Protection District board is considering changes to its training facility project in an attempt to placate residents and avert a recall election.

    During a special meeting Nov. 20, board members reviewed a list of requests presented by resident Lynn Rehkopf, who has been negotiating with the board and Fire Chief Mike Weege. Residents Michelle Parker and Tanya Kaanta also have been participating in the discussions.

  • Flocking to the Turkey Trot

    Frisky dogs jogged beside their owners during the annual Turkey Trot in Evergreen on Thanksgiving morning.


    “We may have to call it a dog trot,” joked Liz Hawkins, who initiated the event for Evergreen Christian Outreach three years ago. 

    More than 300 people participated in the course, which offered 3 miles of brisk exercise, before their Thanksgiving feasts.

  • Sheriff’s Office questions credibility of report on body in cave

    After two extensive searches for a body that a man reported seeing in a cave near Red Rocks Amphitheatre last week, the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is questioning the credibility of the report, sheriff’s spokesperson Jacki Kelley said Tuesday.

    “Our witness has been very uncooperative and untruthful about some of the things he shared,” Kelley said.

  • Fire district begins 2013 budget process

    Evergreen Fire Protection District board members began reviewing the proposed 2013 budget at the Nov. 13 meeting.

    Accountant Brendan Campbell of Pinnacle Consulting Group, who is managing the district’s finances, said there will be an additional $550,000 in the budget at the close of the year.

    “It’s a good place to be,” Campbell said. “This is one of the most fiscally sound districts we work with.”

    Estimated expenditures for next year total $4,530,105 and general fund revenues are projected at $5,148,351.

  • Responsible business practices lead to success, economic analyst tells group

     “I’m actually hopeful about the future,” economic analyst Laurie Bassi said while speaking to the Judaism in the Foothills group Friday evening.

    Bassi was discussing the premise of a book she co-authored called “Good Company,” which focuses on ethical practices of corporations.

    “It actually does pay to be good,” Bassi said. “We see a convergence of forces that are actually forcing companies to become good companies.”

  • Tighe upsets incumbent Odom in county commission race

    Democratic challenger Casey Tighe upset incumbent Republican John Odom by 738 votes in their race for a seat on the county commission, a contest so close the results weren’t finalized until two weeks after Election Day.

    Tighe becomes only the second Democrat in more than a decade to join the three-member commission, in a stunning win for a political newcomer in a county that has traditionally leaned Republican.

    “I'm happy with the outcome,” Tighe said. “I guess I can say I'm pleased with the way it turned out.”

  • Highway 74 bus-stop area still dangerous, widow says

    Five years after her husband was killed while crossing Evergreen Parkway, there is still no crosswalk or caution signal at that location, says resident Peggy Steele.

    And she wonders why not.

    A vehicle struck Jim Steele, who had been traveling home by bus on a dark night in December 2007. The bus stop he used was across the highway from Brookline Road and the entrance to the Hiwan subdivision where he lived.

    “After that happened, it came to light how many near-misses there have been in that area,” Steele said.

  • EChO food bank receives bountiful donations

    Youngsters, teachers and parents from Parmalee Elementary School brought nearly 1,700 pounds of food to Evergreen Christian Outreach on Friday afternoon, adding to other generous donations the food bank has recently received.


  • Residents negotiating with fire district on training facility

    Evergreen residents are negotiating with fire district staff and board members in an attempt to lessen the impacts of the fire training facility proposed at Evergreen Fire Station 2 — a proposal that has spurred protest and an effort to recall board members.

     “The best thing to do is work on the mitigation,” said resident Tanya Kaanta. “I hope we can become a community again.”

  • School district hails passage of tax increase

    Proponents of two property-tax increases that will enable Jeffco Public Schools to avoid sizable budget cuts were happy that the measures were approved by voters in the Nov. 6 election.

    “I’m ecstatic,” said district Superintendent Cindy Stevenson. “I’m thrilled, and I think it was teamwork and integrity (that won the election). … We told the truth. We said, ‘This is about kids. This is what’s going to happen.’ ”