Local News

  • Keeping safe while heating with stoves

    Whether fueled by wood or gas, a stove in the corner of a room is a welcome source of heat for many mountain residents in the wintertime.

    However, heating stoves can create safety hazards if they aren't installed and monitored properly.

    Evergreen Fire/Rescue recently responded to a call from a resident who reported that the carbon-monoxide monitor in his home was giving high readings. Investigation showed that a gas heater in the house was emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can be lethal in high concentrations. 

  • Evergreen Fire District's bond refinancing brings taxpayer savings

    Taking advantage of historically low interest rates, the Evergreen Fire Protection District reaped $684, 417 in savings by refinancing nearly $6 million in bonds on Dec. 18.

    Taxpayers in the fire district are benefiting from the bond refinancing through a resulting mill levy decrease from 1.66 to 1.46 mills.

    The refunding of $5,855,000 of the district's 2003 bonds, which carried yields of 3.10 to 4.10 percent, were replaced with bonds with yields ranging from 0.60 to 2.15 percent. The refinancing will bring annual savings averaging $85,000 from 2013 to 2023.

  • Relay for Life needs help with planning for 2013 event

    The American Cancer Society is looking for several volunteers to fill committee positions for the Conifer area’s 2013 Relay for Life.

    Participants in the event walk in teams around a track for 12 hours to raise funds for cancer research.

    The mountain area hosted its first Relay for Life in recent years in August 2012 at Conifer High School. About 150 people participated, including 20 cancer survivors, and they raised about $27,000. Amanda Doubet, American Cancer Society community relationship manager, said 2012 saw a good turnout.

  • 50 mailboxes smashed off Little Cub Creek Road

    The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is looking for two people who may have smashed as many as 50 mailboxes off Little Cub Creek Road in Evergreen a little after midnight on Dec. 30.

    Lance Schul, a sheriff’s spokesman, said a resident in the 2700 block of Mountain Park Road heard a noise that night. Thinking it was something messing with his animals, he went outside to investigate and saw what he thought were two people smashing mailboxes.

    Both were dressed in black, and Schul said the resident couldn’t tell if they were male or female.

  • Victims assail state commission’s report on Lower North Fork Fire

    A Conifer resident who lost his home in the Lower North Fork Fire says a state-appointed commission’s recently released report on the blaze shows “a lack of any meaningful investigation.”

    Tom Scanlan wrote in an e-mail that the commission did not fulfill its duty of investigating the fire’s causes and impacts. Scanlan has served as a spokesman for victims and is one of several researchers who conducted an independent investigation into the events surrounding the deadly fire south of Conifer.

  • Conspicuous absences: Odom failed to attend commission meetings after losing seat

    During the county commissioners’ recent vote to approve Jeffco’s 2013 budget, which included a $688,000 cut to three social-services nonprofits, there was a noticeable — and repeat — absence.
    The budget was approved on a 2-0 vote, with County Commissioner John Odom not in attendance. Commissioners Don Rosier and Faye Griffin voted in favor.

  • Evergreen Ice Melt contest begins at lake

    Trudging onto ice-covered Evergreen Lake, Bob Zavodsky of Mountain Foothills Rotary was carrying a large blue barrel. Closely following on the brisk afternoon were members and staff of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District’s Special Needs Program.


    Placing the barrel at the lake last Wednesday, Jan. 2, marked the beginning of the organization's annual Evergreen Ice Melt Contest that benefits area organizations.

  • Electrical cord probable cause of barn fire

    An investigation has found that the probable cause of a barn fire on Saturday night was the improper use of an electrical cord, Evergreen Fire/Rescue spokesperson Stacee Montague said.

    Evergreen firefighters extinguished the blazing barn after receiving a call from a resident in Brook Forest, where the fire occurred.

  • Fire training facility opponents submit signatures for recall petition

    A group of Evergreen residents advocating the recall of fire district board members have submitted petitions signed by more than 450 people to the election officer handling the initiative

    “We thought that would make a loud enough statement,” said resident Cal Winn, who signed the original recall documents.

    Winn and other residents who have been collecting signatures to recall the five Evergreen Fire Protection District board members are opposed to the plan to place a fire training facility with live burn capabilities in Bergen Park. 

  • Brave resident saves dog from mountain lion attack

    An Evergreen resident saved her dog from a mountain lion attack by giving the panther a few strong kicks with her foot Friday evening.

    Julie Wynn-Birr said that after letting Apollo, her 85-pound chow mix, out on the third-floor deck of her home around dusk, she heard squealing and a low roar. When she looked outside, Wynn-Birr said, the mountain lion was on top of her dog, gripping him by the head.

    After kicking the lion on his head and ribs with her foot, the animal ran off, she said.

    "That finally deterred him."