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  • Recall candidate Pier objects to live burn training in Evergreen

    “My interest is in preserving the quality of life in Evergreen,” said Barry Pier, a candidate in the upcoming recall election of the Evergreen Fire Protection District board.


    After learning of plans to build a fire training facility at Fire Station 2 in Bergen Park, Pier said, he became involved in the issue to protect his community.

    “A burn building doesn’t belong in Evergreen,” he said. “The only recourse we had to fight it was the recall.”

  • 'One good outcome' will pay for training facility, says Christensen

    Evergreen Fire Protection District board member David Christensen said that before voting to build the fire training facility, he weighed thoroughly the pros and cons. He came to the conclusion that the facility in progress at Fire Station 2 is necessary, and will dramatically improve firefighters’ ability to save property and lives.


    “If we have one good outcome, we’ve paid for it,” he said. 

  • Mail-in ballots go out next week in fire board recall election

    Residents in the Evergreen Fire Protection District will begin receiving ballots in the mail next week for the recall election of four board members.

    The ballots contain information about the recall initiative and fire board members George Kling, Charlie Simons, Jeff DeDisse and David Christensen. The names of challengers Paul Peil, Jodi Kesten, Daniel Koller and Barry Pier appear below the recall question on the ballot.

  • Recall candidates, fire board members discuss issues with chamber

    Two Evergreen fire board members and their challengers in the upcoming recall election presented their views to the board of the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce during its March 20 meeting.

    “The recall is about irresponsible decisions made by the board members, not about the firefighters,” said candidate Dan Koller. 

    Koller said the fire board’s decision to move forward with a training facility at Fire Station 2 in Bergen Park is not the right thing to do because of its location beside a school. 

  • Sheriff's Calls


    It’s a great conversation starter

  • Jeffco commissioners approve rezoning for outdoor storage, light industrial use in Bergen Park

    The Jefferson County commissioners have approved a rezoning request from Evergreen Mercantile to permit outdoor storage of RVs and light industrial use on a 4.25-acre property in Bergen Park.
    "The owners would like to change the zoning to allow a few new uses," said Doug Reed of Fine Line Consulting, who represented the developer at the hearing on March 12.  "Rezoning sets the stage for a site development plan."

  • Koller seeks balance on fire board as recall candidate

    Evergreen resident Daniel Koller said he decided to run as a candidate in the recall election of the Evergreen Fire Protection District to bring community representation to the board. 


    “The recall is not just about the burn building,” Koller said.

    The current makeup of the fire district board, which includes a majority of former firefighters, is not consistent with what one would expect, he said.

  • Simons focuses on goals for fire district board

    As a member of the Evergreen Fire Protection District board, Charles Simons said he is dedicated to serving the overall community.


    “We have a commitment to the to the entire 125-square-mile district,” he said. 

    A former commercial airline pilot with an extensive background in safety training, Simons said he believes that the fire training facility at Fire Station 2 will help people in the district.

    “This building will improve the situation,” he said. 

  • Fire district's newest member voices support for training facility, volunteers

    Evergreen physician Valeri Leswing, the newest member of the Evergreen Fire Protection District board, says she supports the controversial fire training facility in progress at Fire Station 2.

    “I feel like this training facility makes our community safer,” Leswing said. 

    The board members unanimously selected Leswing at their March 12 meeting to replace former member Charles Dykeman, who recently moved from the area.

  • Evergreen fire department providing residents information about fire risks, evacuation routes

    Brook Forest resident Carolyn Golba came to the March 12 meeting of the Evergreen Fire District Protection board to ask about evacuation routes in her neighborhood in the event of a wildland fire.

    “I know there’s no easy answer,” she said.

    Fire Chief Mike Weege replied that everyone in Brook Forest would have to take the primary route out of the community. If people were to take side roads, they may get lost, or caught up in a wildfire, he said.