Local News

  • Homeless people in Evergreen get help from churches, schools

     Evergreen resident Charlene Hahn discovered there are homeless people in Evergreen while waiting to take a shower after swimming at the Buchanan Recreation Center.

    “One day, things were kind of hectic” in the shower area, she said.

    Hahn said that a family was staying in the shower for a long time, and seemed to be enjoying the experience. When she asked recreation staff about them, Hahn said, she learned that the family was homeless.

  • Jewish community to begin celebration of High Holy Days

    The Jewish community in Evergreen and surrounding areas is preparing for the High Holy Days — a time of spiritual reflection, repentance and renewal known as the Days of Awe.


    This year’s celebration begins on the evening of Sept. 4 with Rosh Hashana and continues through Sept. 14 with concluding Yom Kippur services.

  • Evergreen Fine Arts Festival showcases local, national talent

     As a gentle rain fell on white tents filled with artistic creations, Beth Erlund, director of the Evergreen Fine Arts Festival, talked about the importance of the event on Sunday afternoon.


    “I’ve done this show for 34 years,” she said. 

    Like many other artists, Erlund said, she relies on arts festivals to market her work. By bringing her batik creations to Evergreen and other festivals, Erlund has brought in enough income to be self-sustaining.

  • Fund for downtown improvements quadruples

    The Evergreen Legacy Fund initiated by the Downtown Evergreen Economic District has grown from $10,000 in December 2012 to $45,000, said Dean Dalvit of EV Studio, who is coordinating the program. 


    The revenue, designed for downtown improvements, is generated by a voluntary 1 percent donation that customers pay at retail shops, restaurants and hotels. Other businesses, such as Dalvit’s architectural firm, also make contributions

  • Lightning strike causes fire on roof of home on Pine Road

    Lightning struck the roof of a home on Pine Road on Thursday evening, causing a fire that firefighters quickly extinguished, said Doug Saba, Evergreen Fire/Rescue spokesperson.

    The blaze started about 5:30 p.m. during a severe thunderstorm that swept through Evergreen and surrounding areas.

    Saba said it was fortunate that the residents were at home and immediately called the fire department. Otherwise, the blaze could have spread and caused more extensive damage to the home, he said.

  • Johnson resigns from school board

    Robin Johnson resigned from the Jeffco school board on Monday night, said Helen Neal, chief of staff for the board.

    The resignation is a result of Johnson moving out of the county. Johnson represented District 1, which covers the northern part of Jefferson County.

    “I didn’t hear anything about it until Monday night … when Johnson sent a letter to each board member,” Neal said.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    On the dawn patrol

  • Gleaming glory

    A dazzling blue 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is in mint condition and ready for a fund-raising raffle sponsored by the Evergreen Recreation and Park Foundation.


  • Spirits high at Bootstraps' annual fund-raiser

    “Don’t drink it yet,” wine connoisseur C. S. Vin told a group of people holding glasses half-filled with a Bordeaux blend from Creekside Cellars of Evergreen.


    Vin was explaining the art of wine tasting at Bootstraps Inc.’s annual Western WineFest on Saturday afternoon.

    “First you take the glass, you swirl it, you smell it,” he said. “We taste with our emotions … our memory.”

  • Our Evergreen group ponders its future

    After months of meetings and discussion, members of an Evergreen focus group with a goal of promoting local shopping are wondering whether to continue their efforts.

    Participation at the meetings has dwindled since the group organized several months ago.

    Only five people attended the Aug. 14 meeting of Our Evergreen at the Center for the Arts Evergreen.

    Steve Sumner, CAE director, has attended all of the meetings, and he said that if enough people are not interested in participating, it might be time to stop.