Features https://www.canyoncourier.com/features/todaysfeatures en Venue Theatre’s youngest actors look at the animal kingdom, environment https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/venue-theatre%E2%80%99s-youngest-actors-look-animal-kingdom-environment-0 <p> Young thespians will take to the Venue Theatre stage April 20-22 to show off their acting and singing skills.<br /> Kindergartners through second-graders will perform a 20-minute show called &ldquo;Big Beautiful Planet,&rdquo; a compilation of songs by Raffi that talk about the importance of protecting the planet.<br /> That will be followed by &ldquo;Lion King Jr.,&rdquo; based on the 1994 movie about a lion cub named Simba and his adventures with lioness Nala, meerkat Timon and warthog Pumbaa.<br /> Evergreen Players honors the community https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/evergreen-players-honors-community <p> Recently, I sat down with three caring and determined ladies responsible for a great deal of Evergreen Players&rsquo; continuous success. I have personal history with the Players and remain enlivened by its impeccable standards and the strides it has made over the years.<br /> The Well at Bradford Junction is welcomed shadow of the past https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/well-bradford-junction-welcomed-shadow-past <p> The Well at Bradford Junction in Conifer, once Grow Your Own, continues to bloom with new and old customers in uplifting surroundings that shadow the past.<br /> With intentions to support the community, The Well was opened with a music venue in mind, and so far it hasn&rsquo;t detoured from that original notion.<br /> This neighborhood bar maintains an open door seven days a week with guest performers appearing regularly. Wednesday night is open mic night and has gained tremendous popularity since the opening in February 2016.<br /> StageDoor Kids tell about the circle of life in ‘The Lion King Kids’ https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/stagedoor-kids-tell-about-circle-life-%E2%80%98-lion-king-kids%E2%80%99 <p> StageDoor Theatre presents &ldquo;The Lion King Kids&rdquo; beginning Thursday and running for eight performances.<br /> This time the musical is comprised of two casts, each with second- to fifth-grade students. The Mimics and the Troupers each perform four shows.<br /> It was June of 1994 when Walt Disney first released &ldquo;The Lion King.&rdquo; Critics heralded it from the start and praised it for its music, story and animation. The film won two Academy Awards for its music and a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture.<br /> Evergreen Chorale presents ‘Company’ https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/evergreen-chorale-presents-%E2%80%98company%E2%80%99 <p> This Friday night the Evergreen Chorale presents &ldquo;Company,&rdquo; a landmark modern musical that explores the desire, need, vulnerability and vicissitudes of romance and relationships. &ldquo;Company&rdquo; opened on Broadway in 1970 and was immediately recognized as a breaker of all rules, as it has no defined conclusion, not being linear in anyway. As a matter of fact, it&rsquo;s the vignettes that carry the plot and deliver the message, originally revolutionizing theatre through the combination of storytelling and song.<br /> StageDoor produces magic in spoof ‘The 39 Steps’ https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/stagedoor-produces-magic-spoof-%E2%80%98-39-steps%E2%80%99 <p> Conifer&rsquo;s StageDoor Theatre guarantees an abundance of thrills wrapped in technical magic as it presents the hilarious spoof, &ldquo;The 39 Steps.&rdquo;<br /> The play seemingly has it all, as it tests the limits of live theater. This epic adventure tackles what some once believed could not be done on stage, including a daring escape from a moving train, a chase across the Scottish moors and even a plane crash. The cast of four is challenged by playing multiple characters throughout.<br /> After-Christmas ponderings https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/after-christmas-ponderings <p> On Dec. 17, I was fortunate enough to take in the Evergreen Player&rsquo;s adaptation of &ldquo;A Christmas Carol.&rdquo; The novella took the shape of a Christmas reading with six characters delivering the message.<br /> Unthinkable as it is, the cast and crew tore down the set from the previous show by 11:30 the night before and redesigned the stage for &ldquo;A Christmas Carol&rdquo; by show time at 2 p.m. Sunday.<br /> Evergreen Chorale honors Christmas https://www.canyoncourier.com/content/evergreen-chorale-honors-christmas <p> It&rsquo;s Christmas time again, and nothing is more symbolic of the season than the Evergreen Chorale&rsquo;s magical holiday show.<br /> This weekend, the chorale will present &ldquo;A Ceremony of Carols: A Tapestry of Holiday Music for Choir, Harp, Piano and Flute.&rdquo; Both performances will be held at churches &ndash; Central Presbyterian Church in Denver on Friday and Rockland Community Church in Genesee on Sunday &mdash; embellishing the delivery of old time carols and new.<br />