Voters pick Shrader as Jeffco's next sheriff

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By Daniel Laverty

Jeffco voters overwhelmingly picked Jeff Shrader as the county’s next sheriff.

Results showed the Republican Shrader with 73 percent of the vote over Libertarian candidate Brett Almy’s 27 percent.

In the same fashion as Tuesday’s election, Shrader overwhelmingly captured the GOP nomination in June over Jim Shires, winning more than 60 percent of the primary vote.

Current Jeffco Sheriff Ted Mink was term-limited and could not run for re-election.

"I think people want an experienced sheriff, someone with a background in law enforcement, (and) who is currently in law enforcement," Shrader said after Tuesday's unofficial results.

Shrader said employee attrition is the biggest issue facing the department.

"My job is to take care of the citizens of Jefferson County, and that means taking care of the staff in the Sheriff's Office," Shrader said Tuesday night. "There are things within the control of the sheriff, and there are things that are not in control of the sheriff. I will do everything I can to make sure the deputy sheriffs stay."

Clerk and recorder

Tuesday’s results also showed a solid victory for Republican Faye Griffin in the race for Jeffco clerk and recorder.

Griffin captured 58 percent of the vote over Democrat Michael Snow’s 42percent.

Griffin is currently in the middle of a four-year term serving as one of three Jeffco county commissioners. A Jeffco GOP vacancy committee will now select a replacement for Griffin’s commission seat.

Griffin said she wanted to run for clerk this year because when her commissioner term ends, there will be no open county offices in 2016. She said she wants to continue working for Jefferson County.

“I think people know I care about the county,” Griffin said Tuesday night after early results showed her in the lead. “(Jeffco is) where my heart is.”

Griffin served two terms as clerk and recorder from 1998 to 2006 before being elected county treasurer. She left the treasurer position when she was elected to the county commission in 2008.

“If people (voted) for me, I think it’s because my reputation has always been good,” Griffin said.

Current Jeffco Clerk Pam Anderson was term-limited.

Jeffco assessor’s race

Voters selected Republican Ron Sandstrom to be Jeffco’s assessor.

Sandstrom won 49 percent of the vote, Democrat Andrew Hassinger had 42 percent, and Libertarian Patrick Sullivan had 9 percent.

Documents obtained in September showed that Sandstrom owes potentially thousands of dollars in unpaid state and federal taxes. The GOP candidate had liens placed on his home by the IRS in 2012 for nonpayment of more than $67,000 in federal income taxes between 2007 and 2011.

The Jeffco GOP asked Sandstrom to withdraw after his tax issues surfaced, but he declined, said county GOP chair E.V. Leyendecker.

See the Nov. 12 print edition for a full version of this story.