A very cool party

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Evergreen's princesses gather to meet the 'Frozen' queen

By Deb Hurley Brobst

About 50 young girls were excited and speechless when the snow queen and the ice princess arrived for a special party on Sunday.

The girls, dressed in their royalty finest, were prepared when the queen asked them to join in singing “Let It Go.” It was all part of a party for young aficionados of the Disney movie “Frozen,” hosted by Wilmot Elementary parent Jennifer Trinco at the Evergreen Elks Lodge.

For the uninitiated, “Frozen” is an animated movie about Elsa, who has special powers to turn everything to ice and snow, and her sister, Anna. The two are kept apart as they grow up to hide Elsa’s powers. On Elsa’s coronation day, Anna angers her sister, whose powers become apparent to the people of Arendelle where they live. The movie details Elsa’s struggle to be herself, while Anna simply wants to help her older sister. All the while, Arendelle has been cast under a spell of ice and snow that only Elsa can fix.

The story is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.” Since the movie’s release late last year, it has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. This year, the top-selling Halloween costumes are of Elsa and Anna.

Needless to say, the sisters have captured the hearts of young girls everywhere, and that was true at the “Frozen” party in Evergreen, which also was a fund-raiser for the Wilmot Elementary PTA.

The party began as a small function for some Wilmot girls, but word of the party spread, and before Trinco knew it, girls from other Evergreen schools and as far away as Idaho Springs gathered to meet the queen and princess, sing songs, eat cupcakes and have their pictures taken with the royalty.

“It’s an incredible movie,” Trinco said. “It’s inspired a lot of kids and parents. That’s the spirit in which we’re doing this party, and it’s a great community activity.”

Trinco and her daughter, Josephine, a Wilmot first-grader, have been to Disney World and have seen movie characters up close and personal there. Trinco wanted to bring a similar experience to Evergreen.

“It’s a great way to get the community together,” she said, adding that she had organizational help from her colleagues at Tuppers Team real estate, local photographer Tami Courtney of Project 139 Photography and the Elks Lodge.

The young princesses sat not-so-quietly as they waited for the royalty to arrive. Tables had small bottles of water with labels quoting movie character Olaf the Snowman: “Some people are worth melting for.” The movie soundtrack played in the background.

Best friends Hattie Manier and Ava Griffin, both 5, were dressed in fancy blue dresses. They agreed they had seen the movie at least a dozen times, and Ava said she liked Elsa best because she’s pretty.

According to Ava’s mom, Melissa Griffin, the two really love the movie.

“They sing the songs all the time, and they (pretend to be) Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. It’s very magical.”

While most of the girls were dressed as princesses, a couple of boys in superhero costumes sat in the corner. Then there was Kiran Skelly, 6. She adores Sven the reindeer from the movie. In addition to a nice dress, she wore reindeer antlers and carried a Sven stuffed animal.

Kiran thinks she’s seen the movie eight times, while her mom, Liz Skelly, said it’s a lot more than that.

“These girls are really excited,” Liz said. “It’s a lot of fun. This is appealing to a lot of people in town.”

Trinco was thrilled with how well the party went.

“We got a ton of really good feedback,” she said. “I was told the party was the talk of a Wilmot kindergarten class. We wanted to make a memorable experience for the kiddos and to earn a little money for Wilmot PTA. It was a wonderful community event.”

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