Two people fall through ice at Evergreen Lake

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Pair escape from water on their own

By Beth Potter

Two people fell through the ice on Evergreen Lake late Tuesday afternoon but were able to get out of the water with the help of a third person who had a ladder, according to an Evergreen Fire/Rescue spokesman.

An ice fisherman fell through the ice on the lake near the road, said EFR spokesman Doug Saba. A person on shore who went to the fisherman's aid also fell through the ice, Saba said. A contractor driving by stopped and took a ladder off his truck to extend across the ice to the two men, who then were able to climb out.  

Evergreen Fire/Rescue received a call about 4:10 p.m. Responders arrived to find the two people already had climbed out of the water. The fisherman was transported to medical facilities for futher attention, Saba said.

"Thin ice" signs posted around the lake are there for a reason, said Fire Chief Mike Weege. Tuesday afternoon's incident is the second one this week, Weege said. Ice is especially unstable where water flows into the lake from Upper Bear Creek, he said.

Traffic was backed up in the area, possibly as a result of an unrelated auto accident on Cub Creek Drive, Weege said.